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Wipebook – The Erasable Notebook

With the rising popularity of tablets and electronic notebooks, it looks like the old fashioned pen and paper are becoming obsolete. If you are the type of person who prefers to use ‘pen and paper’ method then it is hard to let go…the caress of a stylo and the touch of the paper as you begin your writing task will be a distant memory. Although three Canadian graduates decided to hold onto the nostalgia and have created Wipebook. The Wipebook looks like a typical notebook with the main difference being that its paper is not paper but in fact Whiteboard material!

To scribble on a page of the Wipebook you need to use either dry erase markers or correctable markers. This means that unfortunately pens and pencils will have to remain in your pencil case. Small price to pay when you can reuse these pages repeatedly instead of having to purchase a new paper notebook once the contents are full.

The epic draw card with the Wipebook is the way you can erase content from its pages. Need to correct an error in your maths homework? Want to rewrite that sentence neatly? In the olden days you would have to line out the error with your pen or use goopy white out ink that would get into your fingers and all over your book… not entertaining in the slightest. Instead, you can simply wipe out the information using a dry erase or correctable marker or a paper towel. How easy is that?? 


Clearing mistakes or drawings in a notebook just like a whiteboard? Yes please!

The first manufactured Wipebook was deemed so popular that the developers are already in the works of coming out with WipeBook 2.0. Wipebook 2.0 has a number of features that improve on the original design which includes:

* No more visible residue left on pages after being wiped so they can be reused properly

* Surface is more smooth and less rough so it feels just like a real whiteboard.

* Erasing content is much easier.

* Product is more eco-friendly as it now has UV gloss laminate instead of plastic laminate.

The developers are keen sketch artists themselves and have even provided an image of other physical features of Wipebook 2.0:



If you want to contribute to WipeBook 2.0 and acquire one for yourself, then definitely hit up their KickStarter campaign. There are only 5 days to go but they have already reached over $225,000 in pledges. Highly impressive considering they were only after $4,000! They even showed their appreciation to the first 24 hour backers by illustrating each person in cartoon form. Well done guys!




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