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Winlock Review

Review of: Winlock
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Crystal Office Systems
Free (30 days trial) then US$23.95

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On October 1, 2013
Last modified:October 1, 2013


Winlock is a comprehensive and excellent security application that prevents unauthorised user's from accessing personal files and system settings on your computer.

Winlock is an innovative security application that allows administrators to configure and restrict access to sensitive information on a computer. If you have a computer that is openly available to family members or to the public (such as in a library or internet cafe), then you would not want randoms or computer novices accidentally (or intently) snooping around your personal files or altering its vital settings. Winlock enables the administrator to prevent unauthorised people from accessing important system resources (i.e. Control Panel, desktop, system registry), Folders & Files, restricted internet content, and installation & executable files. Winlock also has a time-limited access feature which is excellent for families who want to prevent children wasting all their time playing computer games instead of doing their homework!  Winlock is compatible with Windows 98/98 SE/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows Server 2003 (and above) on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.


The current features available on Winlock Standard v6.09:

  • System restrictions – disable command prompt, Desktop, Control Panel, Safe Mode, and more…
  • Time-limited access – control how long your children can use the computer.
  • Restrict Start Menu – hide the selective Start menu items, block context menus.
  • Control Internet access – allow access only to the trusted sites only, and block all others.
  • Software filter – block access to the downloaders, games, messaging clients, or CD burners.
  • Kiosk mode – all-in-one lockdown security for public-access computers (companies, schools, hotels, public agencies).
  • Installation blocker –prevent users from installing the software.
  • Hide drives – hide your system and network drives in Windows Explorer.
  • Window blocking – block virtually any application or any part of it: window, popup message, dialog box.
  • Logging – monitor changes to the Windows shell and writes these changes to the log file.


Winlock’s interface is quite easy to navigate and its layout is akin to most Microsoft products. When initiated, Winlock opens up in the Home page with the following options and/or information displayed: Enable/Disable Winlock, set or change password and the User responsible for configuring the application.  The features that can be configured for Winlock are situated in the left pane (General, Systems, Internet, Access and Timer).


Restrict access to Files/Folders

We tested out the handy feature of limiting a user’s access to particular files and folders. Have a few work projects you are working on at home and want to keep them away from prying eyes? Then all you need to do is perform the following steps:

Select ‘Access’ from the list of options on the left hand pane.


Select ‘Folders’ from the drop down list. The Folders settings window opens in the right hand pane. Click ‘Add’ to add a new folder.


Browse to the Folder you want to restrict access to and click ‘Add’.


Note: If you still want to allow other users to access the folder but not change any of the settings (delete, copy, edit etc) then tick the check box ‘Allow read-only access to folder’.

The selected folder has successfully been added to the Folder ‘lock’ list. If you do not want to add any more folders, select ‘X’ to close the Folder window.



If you are having any issues configuring Winlock, then you can find readily helpful information in the ‘Help’ section in Winlock or ‘Support’ section on Crystal Office Systems website. The Support section contains an array of helpful information: Frequently Asked Questions, Activation Code Troubleshooting, Lost Key, Forums. If you are unable to find the assistance you require, then you can always contact the developer’s directly via email or through their online contact form. For payment issues (and provided you are located in the US or Europe), you can contact them via phone.


User’s can trial the full featured version of Winlock for free for 30 days. To purchase the full version of Winlock costs US$23.95 and it is accompanied with bonus features, such as, the ability to lock unlimited amount of files & folders and one year of free upgrades.

Final Thoughts

Winlock is a practical and extremely effective security program that can be handled by any level of computer user (including rookies!). We particularly liked the easy to use interface where all the configurations and options available are succintly detailed.  Winlock would be beneficial for use on personal and/or publicly available computers.  To trial Winlock for 30 days (or if you prefer to purchase the full version) it is available from here.


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