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Windows Shortcuts Part 2

Welcome to my amazing follow up article to the windows keyboard shortcuts. In this article I will unravelling the hidden mysteries and magical functions that will make you’re computing ever more efficient and effective. Today I will looking at how to access some of the settings in you pc quickly and easily in order to save time.

Accessing Computer Settings: Windows Key + I

This nifty shortcut allows you to quickly access the settings charm on your PC in Desktop mode. The settings charm the setting charm gives you access to some very handy tools. From this charm you can access control panel which allows you to access all the computer settings and utilities. Personalisation which allows you to change visual settings such as backgrounds, screen savers and etc. PC Info which gives you information about your computers operating system, hard ware and other specific information about your computer for example manufacturer and model.

You also have some very handy tools at the bottom, Network, sound, brightness settings, notifications, power (which allows you to put your computer in standby or shutdown.) as well as language settings.

This one shortcut can give you access to a variety of places within your operating system, quickly and easily.

Windows Zoom: Windows Key + Plus or Minus +/-

This is one of my favourite shortcuts as it is a great office prank you can do to one of your colleagues. The feature allows you to magnify a specific area of your screen. It is directed by your pointer and will follow your pointer around. I find this feature really handy when it comes to looking a small pictures or even reading fine prints in contracts. It is also very good for pranks as not many people know how to do it or how to undo it.

Moving Apps Across the screen: Windows Key + Left or Right Arrow

In my PC Setup I have 2 screens that I use as an Extended Desktop set up. I find sometimes I need to use my second monitor to connect up to a second computer, however when I try to open apps my computer still has the extended desktop set up and programs open up off screen. A handy way to get them to come back is through using this shortcut. It will move the program left of right depending on the arrow key you press. It is also good for organising multiple apps. For example if I want to look at 2 documents to compare, I can open both of them up and press the windows + left arrow to move one to the left and then press the windows + right arrow to move the other one to the right.

Maximising and Minimising Windows: Windows Key + Up or Down Arrow

If you feel a little lazy like me at times and don’t feel like you can summon up the strength to grab your mouse and drag it all the way to the top right hand corner of your screen and click on the minimise button. Then you no longer need to fear, those 0.5 seconds of time it would of taken can be reduced to 0.2 by simply pressing the windows key with the down arrow and Wallah, your program has been minimised.

Straight To Desktop: Windows Key + D

Minimising one program is great but if you want to just get to your desktop quickly, then you can press the Windows key + D in order to get straight to the desktop. This will minimise all your programs and bring you back to your desktop.

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