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Windows Shortcuts Part 1

Last night I was watching some videos on Rube Goldberg Devices which are devices which perform a series of complicated tasks in order to achieve a simple task like open a bunch of curtains or ring a bell. To get an idea of what a Rube Goldberg device is or how it works, check out this video to get an idea.

So why am I telling you this? Well I am a Windows user, I use Windows at home and I use Windows at work. When I am at work I am sometimes doing 3 things at once, whether its controlling 2 PC’s and server all at the same time or working on multiple documents at once. I get jobs coming in regularly and that means I need to be quick and efficient in order to provide a high level of service and quick response to our clients.

I recently upgraded my work PC from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and one of the things I try to do with any new operating system I use, is take time to learn some of the keyboard shortcuts that allow me to perform specific tasks on the fly. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform certain tasks quite quickly through the use of keyboard key combinations. For example if I wanted to go to control panel. The slow way would be to go to the start screen, click on all apps and then scroll through all the apps until I find control panel. This is the slow “Rube Goldberg” way of doing things. Alternatively I could use shortcuts that get me to where I want to go much much quicker.

Microsoft makes good use of shortcuts in order to assist you in getting things done more efficiently and knowing some of the Windows 8 shortcuts does not only make it easier for you to do things with your pc but also makes you quicker.

Learning some of the basic keyboard shortcuts may make your Windows experience much easier. So for the next couple of weeks, I am going to show you some of the keyboard shortcuts that Windows has that will make your life much easier.

Windows 8.1 Search Shortcuts

Searching Your PC: Windows Key + start typing
When you press the windows key on your keyboard you will find that you are taken to the start screen. If you type the name of the program you are looking for it will search your entire computer/ this makes it extremely efficient in finding what you want quickly. This work for programs, folders or files and utilities such as control panel.

Search for Files on your Desktop: Windows Key + F
Sometimes we do not want to go to the start screen to search for files. If you are on your desktop and you want to search for something that is on your pc you can simple activate the search charm. Windows + F allows you to search for files whilst you are on your desktop.

Searching entire PC from Desktop: Windows + S
Allows you to search you entire PC through your desktop and makes it easy for you to find files, settings, programs, utilities, etc. This is pretty great if you’re like me and don’t like the start screen on windows.

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