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What’s new in Windows 10

Microsoft has recently unveiled the next operating system that is to supersede Windows 8.1 and it is Windows 10. Yes that’s right they have decided to go from 8 to 10 for some reason, possibly astrological ones. It seems to follow the latest naming trend Microsoft has had seeing as the Xbox One is the name of their latest gaming console despite the previous generation being called the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has released a technical preview which will allow users to try out the beta version of the operating system. It is available at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-iso

Aesthetically the design and layout of the operating system looks quite similar to that of Windows 8 with some minor differences. Firstly, the Start button is now a mix of both the old familiar Start Menu we have had for so many years and the more recent Start screen. Windows 10 essentially has the best of both worlds with live apps on the right hand side of the Start column whilst having your old school programs on the other side. Another cool feature is that you can now adjust the size of your Start menu.

In Windows 10 apps no longer open up in full screen as they used to in Windows 8.1, instead they open up in a window that you can move around, however you have the option to enlarge the app to full screen. Windows 10 is said to be more Windows store friendly with compatibility Windows apps. Windows phones will also run the Windows 10 operating system.

Another feature that is unique to Windows 10 is the new task view which is similar to the one Apple had on its operating system for quite some time. It allows you to view all your open items on one screen and then select which item you want to work on. Another handy feature is the introduction of virtual desktops where you will be able to have multiple instances of your desktop. Microsoft has designed this so that you can see what is open in other desktops on your task bar and instantly go back there.

Command Prompt is now friendlier and easier to use. You can now adjust the size of the command prompt window as well as copy and paste text with a lot more ease. In previous versions, in order to copy and paste onto command prompt you would have to right click and select copy and then right click and select paste.

It appears that Microsoft has been listening to the comments people have been making in regards to Windows 8 and they have actually been implementing the improvements that have been suggested, making their latest OS not only more intuitive but also more familiar to legacy users. I also speculate that Windows 10 will serve as a platform that will unify all Microsoft devices from the Xbox One, Surface Pro and even Windows mobile devices.

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