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What is that font?

Have you ever been browsing through the web one day and came across a font that looked awesome? You want to use that font personally from now on but… you are not exactly sure what font it is! If you have Google Chrome, then this new extension – WhatFont is just what you need! We show you how easy it is to use below.

Navigate to the Google Chrome extension page and select Install.


You will be prompted to confirm if you want to add the WhatFont extension. Select Add.


Once added to Google Chrome, you will have to reopen the webpages for it to start working properly. Click on the f? icon on the top right hand side to activate the software.


Hover your cursor over the text you want to know the font of and select it. Voila! All the information you require is now presented on the screen.


When you do not require the software anymore, simply click the f? icon again to deactivate it.

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