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Uncover your missing data with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home

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Stellar Phoenix
AUD $85

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On November 10, 2017
Last modified:March 22, 2018


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an innovative, fast, full featured and very easy to use data recovery software for any end user regardless of their technology ability. It accomplishes what it needs to do, locate and recover your lost data! What more could you need?

Been the victim of losing very important data? Perhaps it was your mum/dad/inquisitive cat/cookie monster who decide to have a fun play around on your machine and have alas deleted your university thesis! Well no need to cry yourself into a stupor, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is here to save the day! This innovative piece of software is available for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 operating systems. It is so simple and straight forward that even the computer challenged will be comfortable using it.


So what can Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery do exactly?

  • Recovers deleted data from Internal and external hard drives (including RAID and network drives)
  • Recovers lost data from inaccessible partitions (including ExFat, Fat and NTFS)
  • Recovers documents, photos, videos and other archive files
  • Scan and Recover data from specific folder within minutes

Well then, that is lots of data it can recover! Let’s give the software a test run. Below is what the home screen looks like which conveniently lays out all the types of files you can recover with the application.

Stellar Data Recovery Main Interface

On the Select Location page, we choose where the tool should scan for the missing data. The product also provides the option of a deep scan (you can toggle this on and off).

Stellar Data Recovery - Select Location of where you want to recover data from

The tool gets to work and starts searching high and low for our long lost data. Since it looks like it’ll take a while, time to have a tea or coffee break. Data Recovery is hard work isn’t it?

Scanning of particular drive is in progress on Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Don’t be fooled by the 19 minutes though… realistically it only took a few minutes to perform the data recovery operation. Now let’s check out what the Stellar Phoenix tool recovered for us… *drum roll*

Scanning completed successfully on Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Well look at that, it found some files that I thought were long gone. Well done! They are listed under three tabs – File Type, Tree View and Deleted List to enable the user to smoothly wade through the files.

If you want to recover particular files, one proviso is that you have to make sure that the destination volume is not the same as the source volume. This is to prevent you accidentally overwriting your current data which would be a headache indeed! If you only have one source volume available, then you’ll have to use an external hard drive/USB to save the recovered files and then you can move them back onto your computer.


The developers nicely have provided a how to guide on their website which is easily downloadable for all users and also knowledge base section for frequently asked questions. If you need to speak to a customer support specialist, they are available Monday to Friday, 24 hours which is a definite perk!

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a very easy data recovery tool to use for beginners to connoisseurs of computing! The software is hardly complex which means you can stress less and get to searching for your missing data in a flash. The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home is a once only purchase, no infuriating monthly or yearly payments. Upon purchase, the download link is immediately sent to you via email and the license has lifetime validity. Still unsure? The developers enable you to download and scan with the demo version, you only need to pay if you want to save the recovered data.

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