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Umbrella USB lets you safely charge your device while protecting your data


When you are on the go and your device is running low on battery, you can plug it into a USB outlet and hope for the best. However, this leaves your particular device open to data theft by hackers. This is something you definitely don’t want to happen! You just want to charge up your computer while you are waiting for your flight to board!! Umbrella USB, which is currently garnering pledges on Kickstarter, could be the answer here. Umbrella USB is designed to omit the other particulars when you plug in your USB connector and just allow the power connection to come through. If the developer’s Kickstarter campaign is deemed successful, you will be able to relax and charge your device with ease!

What makes Umbrella USB so special? Well… do you notice how your computer may try to sync with your ipod (for example) if you connect it up? Sick of this happening and slowing everything down? If you connect up your Umbrella USB to the end of your connector and then plug it into your PC, your computer will now not sense there is ‘new hardware found’. Instead, your device will merely start charging away and no attempted syncing will commence. Neat!


Umbrella USB also protects your personal devices from potential hackers infiltrating your system. There are reports of late of people ‘Juice Jacking’, which means someone effectively hacking your phone through a compromised USB port. Ignorant folk who plug in their device to a USB port without adequate protection can unwittingly have their phone accessed by strangers. The Umbrella USB again prevents any data connections from occurring which in turn keeps your personal details safe and sound!

What we are thrilled about is that the Umbrella USB is compatible with any device!! Just stick it on the USB end of a cord and away you go. Nothing is left out. You do not even need to download an application to have the Umbrella USB be able to function. It just works automatically. Simplicity at its finest!


We also like the fact that it is highly visible with its ‘Big Beard’ yellow colour. Can’t miss it if you have it lost in your bag along with your other (mainly) black electronic cords. You can leave it connected to the end of your USB cable if you prefer to not keep it separate.

Umbrella USB has already reached its required number of pledges on Kickstarter with around 15 days to go! If you are interested in pledging then definitely check out more information about the product here.

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