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Turn on Private Browsing in Google Chrome

Enabling private browsing is good for computer user’s who want to protect their personal documents and have a more secure experience when surfing the internet. Although if the browser is launched in inprivate browsing mode cookies are not saved which means the user will have to enter in their details everytime. This article explains how to turn on private browsing in Google Chrome.

Navigate to the shortcut of Google Chrome on your desktop. It may be pinned to your taskbar, located in the start menu or on the desktop. Right click the icon and then right click again on Google Chrome from the drop down list. Select Properties from the second drop down list (as shown below).


The Google Chrome Properties dialog box appears. In the Target textbox, type in -incognito after the .exe. Select OK once this is complete.


Note: To switch off private browsing in Google chrome, simply remove ‘-incognito’ from the Target text box.

Google Chrome will now launch in inprivate browsing mode from now on from this shortcut only.  If you want all Google Chrome shortcuts to open as inprivate browsing mode, you will need to make the same changes as above as well.



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