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TuneFab Screen Recorder Review

Review of: Screen Recorder
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Free (Trial) | $39.95

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On December 27, 2017
Last modified:February 13, 2018


An inventive tool that enables users to easily record video and/or audio with a few clicks of a button. Computer users of any background would be comfortable using this application. Highly Recommended!

Have you come across a video or audio that you wanted to take a recording of but you just cannot? What about if you wanted to record a Skype call of your family overseas to keep in case you feel homesick? How about being able to download that particular video or a snippet of it for future use but you are not allowed? We found that TuneFab’s Screen Recorder has stepped onto the market to assist our requirements! This dynamic tool can record a video (and/or audio) without any limitations with the simplest interface one can imagine. The software is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64 bit).


  • Online Videos Recording (without limitation)
  • Record Games for Sharing
  • Screencast Webcam Video
  • Make Video Tutorials
  • Take Screenshots
  • Shortcut Button and Screencast Quality Setting

Test Run

The download (~28mb in size) and installation process took only minutes to perform which allowed us to be up and running in no time! The application opens on our screen as below. We have two options, Screen Recorder and Audio Recorder. The top right icons include buying the product, entering our license key for activation, link to TuneFab’s facebook page, give feedback and Menu.

TuneFab Screen Recorder main interface unregistered

We access Menu and select Preferences. There are a few tabs available – General, Shortcuts and Settings. Under General, we can configure where we want our Output Files and Screenshots to save instead of the default location as auto setup by the application.

Preferences for TuneFab Screen Recorder

In the Settings tab, we can amend video and audio configuration. We amended the format from *.wma (default) to *.m4A and click OK to save our changes. All in all, preferences were very easy to format.

Settings tab in Preferences for TuneFab Screen Recorder

Now it is down to business!

Example 1 – Record Online Video

We first try out recording an online video from Youtube. We select the Screen Recorder option.

Screen Recorder option for TuneFab Screen Recorder

In the Screen Recorder, it gives us a variety of options we can configure i.e. record full screen or custom (which we can customize to suit our needs).

Customize video to screen record on TuneFab Screen Recorder

We select the alarm clock icon and configure the recording to stop after 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Configure capture time options for TuneFab Screen Recorder

And then we click REC, away we go!

Click REC option on TuneFab Screen Recorder

This is it in progress. We can pause the recording or stop it all together. We let it perform the 1:30 minutes of recording.

Recording of screen is taking place with TuneFab Screen Recorder

Once the recording is complete, we can re watch the video to make sure the recording is fine and take screenshots if we want! Once we are satisfied, we can select Save. The video is then saved and accessible via File Explorer.

Example 2: Audio Record

Since we had such a good test drive with the video & audio record, we decide to perform an audio record.

Back at the main menu, we select Audio Recorder.

Select Audio Recorder option for TuneFab Screen Recorder

On the Record Audio section, we can configure a few settings like before i.e. audio duration. Once we are happy, we click on REC.

Select REC on TuneFab Screen Recorder to record audio

The recording starts up immediately and is on its way!

Record Audio in progress for TuneFab Screen Recorder

The audio recording has completed and we can check if we are content with the result before saving. No trouble!

Review audio recording on TuneFab Screen Recorder


TuneFab provides exceptional support for their products with free updates and 7/24 consistent customer service support via their Facebook page or e-mail. The developers have detailed how to guides for the Screen Recorder to assist users who don’t have an exemplary computer background. In addition, there is a FAQs section that is probably a good idea to check out first if you run into any trouble while using Screen Recorder before contacting the company directly.

Final Thoughts

TuneFab’s Screen Recorder is a fantastic software that performs its tasks with no hassle. We were delighted with how easy it was to use this product! In a few steps we were recording a video or audio in no time at all. There were no infuriating glitches/issues or ads annoying us (on the unregistered version) as sometimes occurs in other similar products on the market. We particularly appreciated that we could configure how long we wanted the recording to be. To be able to record videos anywhere at anytime is an excellent tool to have for any computer user.

Still not entirely convinced? There is a free trial you can use which can save up to 2 minutes of a file (video or audio) for users to test out. The registered version provides unlimited upgrades and technical support with no recording length limitation. All this for one-off fee of $39.95 (which is currently on discount!).

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