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Torso, the flexible, ultra portable charger for every smart phone user

For all users of smart phones, the one major headache is when your battery gets low and you need to charge it up. The cord that you use can be quite fiddly and get tangled along with your other personal effects. Great… Presenting the latest smart phone charger, the ‘Torso’. The Torso has a flexible yet sturdy framework that you can plug your smart phone into and charge it up anywhere with ease. No more untangling of long ass annoying wires that tend to get frayed and damaged in no time. From now on it is simply ‘Secure and charge away!’

The Torso is especially practical as it is small in size, only measuring around 4 inches (100+ mm long). This makes ideal to place into your handbag or pocket and take it anywhere.


What makes the Torso highly impressive is its three legged bendable wire skeleton. Want to prop up your phone to watch a video or read the news without holding it? Then simply ‘dock’ your phone onto the torso and it will stay securely in place. When you need to charge your phone at a power point, you can simply plug it into the wall and twist it up right. This prevents it from laying around on the ground for some unfortunate person to trip over.


According to Torso’s page on Kickstarter, you can setup your Torso in these other modes:

– Ultra-portable mode: Sync and charge on the go.
– Wall charger mode: Charge your phone right on the outlet.
– Tripod mode: Snap fun tripod photos on the go.
– Tripod mode: Pose for perfect self-timer (or Pebble assisted) photos.
– Tripod mode: FaceTime with friends: on the go and hands-free!
– Cord Wrap mode: Save space with the best earbud cord wrap.
– Widescreen mode: Watch a movie or the game in widescreen mode.


The Torso is available for both iphone and android phone users so no one will be feeling left out here. Well… perhaps the people who still have yet to grab themselves a smart phone. The project has already reached its required pledges on Kickstarter with about 4 days to go before funding is finalised. If you are interested in grabbing yourself a handy and sturdy phone charger before it is widely available to the masses, then by all means, pledge away!



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