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Top 5 Things that Microsoft has unveiled about Windows 10

12 Days ago Microsoft unveiled some of the new things to expect from its new operating system Windows 10. Some of these things were not all that surprising but there were a couple of curve balls Microsoft threw at its audience.

1 – Windows Start Menu

Gone are the days of the stupid Start screen introduced in Windows 8 and 8.1 that replaced the Start menu we have all grown up with and loved. No longer do we have to suffer with annoying tiles that disorientate the user experience. I know several people who are still running on Windows 7 simply because they do not want to change to the new system.

Luckily with Windows 10 they have gotten rid of the Start screen and we are now seeing a hybrid between the old Start menu and the Start screen system. It is also very customisable.

2- Windows Phones will run on Window 10

New Windows phones will run on the same platform as the computer, this will allow for better integration and switching between your computer and mobile devices. Windows is creating convergence and is closing the gap. With all your devices linked you create fluid transition between computers to tablet to phone.

I myself would be interested to see how this works but I am a bit sceptical. One the plus side a lot of the dodgy Windows apps on the Windows 8 phones will hopefully no longer be an issue.

3 – Live streaming of games from your XBOX

One of the cooler features in Windows 10 is the ability to play your Xbox games on your computer, tablet or mobile device! This is very similar to Sony’s Remote Play. This means that you will be able to access your games on all your devices.

4 – The Hololens

One of the most talked about piece of news was Microsoft unveiling of the hololens, which is an augmented reality headpiece that has a display screen. It has the ability to use augmented reality in a way to create a somewhat Iron Man styled work bench where you are able to move and manipulate objects. Whilst I am slightly sceptical of its release date being so soon, I am also surprised that this is the first time anyone has really heard of it. Microsoft has definitely kept this under wraps and out of media attention.

5 – Free Upgrade

One of the best pieces of news however is the free upgrade from your Windows 8 environment onto Windows 10. This is fantastic news and it seems as though Microsoft are following the right steps.

All in all we will see some great improvements and integrations with the new Windows operating system. By implementing features such as linking all devices together and enabling a seamless experience for the user, I can’t help but feel that Microsoft has taken some lessons from Apple and applied it to their own product. Nonetheless we cannot wait to get our hands on the finished product and experience it for ourselves.

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