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Top 5 Most Common Passwords

With computers becoming more and more integrated into our lives, the security features that prevent other people from being able to access your information are becoming more crucial than ever before. One of these security features is the password and in most cases it is the only thing that is protecting your private and personal information.

Passwords are not only important when it comes to your home computer but also in a business environment where sensitive information in the wrong hands could potentially destroy a business.

There has always been a long list of passwords hackers use first when they are trying to break into a computer or web account. We are going to be counting down from 5 to 1.

5# abc123

When trying to set up a password, you want to make it almost impossible for someone to guess. Hackers are able to use brute force attacks which would try out every single letter and number combination within a matter of seconds. This password would not take long to crack.

#4 qwerty

I get it, at times we can feel a bit lazy when it comes to doing things but being lazy when creating a password can be a costly exercise and an unnecessary.

3# 12345678

This password will prevent a hacker from accessing your files for a grand total of 2 seconds. With password crackers becoming ever more complex, a password like this will not take more than a couple of seconds to crack.

2# Password

I know that some people may assume your password will not be that obvious, you may have people who will never guess that your password is password. However hackers are a totally different story, as a matter of fact it is probably the first password they try.

1# 123456

Much like number 3, number 1 will not prevent someone from accessing your computer or files for very long. Remember your password is the only thing that is holding people back from getting access to all your files and information.

Your password should be something that no one should be able to guess but that you can remember easily. Avoiding the above passwords will definitely make things harder for a hacker however I would highly recommend that you use a strong password that not only contains letters and numbers but symbols as well.

One easy way to create a secure password strategy is to formulate a sentence and then abbreviate it into a password.

For example:

I like to eat 3 sandwiches at 5 in the afternoon!

Could then be abbreviated as


This password would not only be almost impossible to guess but will take an excruciatingly long amount of time for a password cracker to crack. Another security measure you may want to consider is using different passwords for different things rather than the same password for everything. For example, having a different password for your internet banking and your Facebook means that even if someone manages to obtain one password, the other will remain safe.


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