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The New Google Nexus 6P

Review of: Google Nexus 6P
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Nexus 6P
32GB A$899 / 64GB A$999

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On December 29, 2015
Last modified:January 12, 2016


Another solid entry into the perennial Smartphone Wars by Google.

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Remember when the Apple iPhone first came out in 2007? And that first infamous “Hello” at the Academy Awards? The iPhone was a revolutionary concept, taking what Nokia had started in the 90’s with the first mobile phones and making mobile computing in your pocket a reality. Fundamentally that’s what smartphones actually are: ultra portable devices giving you access to traditional computer tasks such as email, gaming, business applications and more. The concept was a revolution, not in terms of the basic functionality the iPhone offered – which was already available in some form on Nokia phones and Blackberrys – but in providing a platform for developers to create everything the user could ever want right in their pocket. In essence, what Apple did was create a massive market for developers to sell their wares, in the process defining the iPhone experience. And the dev world has wholeheartedly embraced this idea, making practically anything you could dream of available right in your pocket at any time.

Fast forward your clock to 2015. Apple is no longer the sole contender in the smartphone heavyweight title, and is now facing off against giants such as Samsung, Motorola, and the latest challenger: Google. Google was only a peripheral competitor at first, creating the Android smartphone OS but relying on manufacturers such as the aforementioned Samsung and Motorola to actually develop and produce smartphones. It was only in 2010 that Google released their own smartphone in the form of the Nexus range. Although they are still manufactured by other companies such as LG and HTC, the design, development and marketing are all handled by Google. The Nexus has increased in popularity on the back of its major selling point: the ‘pure’ Android OS it comes shipped with which is free of ‘junk’ applications and other modifications to the Android OS.

The latest iteration of the Nexus is the Nexus 6P, which was released as a ‘phablet’ to contend with the iPhone 6S Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. A ‘phablet’ occupies that grey area between phones and tablets, being significantly larger than your typical smartphone but not quite as large as a full-blown tablet (think iPad). The P stands for ‘Premium’, as evidenced by its sleek finish in the form of an all-metal unibody. The 5.7″ quad HD resolution display is definitely premium, boasting an output of 2560 x 1440 resolution with a staggering 518 pixels per inch. Performance-wise, the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 performs admirably on benchmark tests, sitting just behind major competitors iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6. The Nexus 6P is also slightly behind in terms of RAM, with 3GB instead of 4GB. This doesn’t seem to cause any obvious performance issues, however. Considering it is priced substantially cheaper than its competitors however, these specs are not unreasonable.

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