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The Internet Of Things


As technology has advanced we are finding ourselves in an interesting era where technology is taking a leap forward at a really fast pace and influencing how we go about our day to day lives. We have had massive technological advances since the 90’s and it doesn’t look like we are going to stop any time soon. The term the internet of things refers to the idea that everything is inter connected. Your fridge, your heater, your car and maybe even your sofa will someday be connected to the internet.

The way devices currently talk to one another is through something called the internet protocol or IP for short. Any device that wishes to communicate to any other devices requires and IP Address. Think of it like your telephone number, in order for you to talk to a friend both you and your friend require a unique telephone number to be able to talk. IP works the same way with computers and smart devices. However there are different versions of IP.

Now as technology has advanced we have created pretty much infinite amount of IP addresses combinations.  The amount of IP Addresses is 2^128 which is equal to 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 IP Addresses. As a result we are able to realistically have enough addresses to be able to connect anything to the internet. This is the concept behind the Internet of Things.

We are already seeing this technology apply to certain home appliances such as fridges and air conditioners but the internet of things may one day even have your house connected to the internet. Letting you turn on and turn off the lights in your home from your work or from the other side of the world. Being able to unlock your house with your finger print rather than using your keys. It may even allow you to monitor your cameras through your smart device.

Apple has said that they are now going to implementing smart home technology into their new iOS 8, This will allow for people to use their Iphones as a control mechanism for their houses, being able to turn on and turn of appliances and lights, unlock their House with their phone as well as a lot of other cool things. It seems that as technology grows, we are becoming more intertwined with the technological advances. Not everyone is on the technology bandwagon however as a lot of people worry about the privacy issues involved. With social media and the privacy issues that revolve around that, there are some who feel slightly uneasy about this new trend of technology.

So my question to the readers is, are these trends good or bad and should we be excited about the internet of things or worried.


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