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Teach kids the wonders of technology with The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Are you a parent stressing over how to teach your children the ins and outs of modern day technology? Does technical jargon such as AI, STEM, STREAM cause you undue confusion and anxiety? Well you will no longer need to feel overwhelmed if you have the illustrative handy book –  The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Kids. This intuitive guide is currently seeking pledges on Kickstarter and we are sure that many parents will be wanting to get their hands on it! The publication is a fantastic way of helping your kids have the best start in life and you can all learn and marvel at present day technology together.

Michael Milford, creator, of The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for kids reading the guide to his children

Michael Milford (creator) reading the Guide to his children

Who came up with this fantastic guide?

The creator, Michael Milford, is a father himself of two small kids and a professor of Robotics. Michael is also the founder of the startup Math Thrills PTY LTD that focuses on entertainment novels which surreptitiously contain mathematical concepts that is geared towards young adults.  With his company’s Kickstarter success of the STEM Storybook, Michael realised that there is a definite need for technology reading material suitable for younger children and wanted to continue to enhance accessible educational resources in the realm of STEM concepts. Michael thus developed the the Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Kids and has simplified complex concepts to a form that younger children can understand without having to remove the overall core objective.

What is included in the guide?

The 50 page full-colour mini-booklet covers a range of topics including What is AI, How does AI Learn and what can AI do well. Every page of the book is filled with detailed and warm cartoon style imagery which is perfect for retaining the attention span of young children (and some adults of course!). What really jumped out at us was that the book does not shy away from raising moral and ethical questions, such as, what a driver less car’s action would perform if there is an obstacle up ahead. Another positive is that the book raises the importance of preventing AI bias which is an excellent teaching tool for children.

A page from the Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for kids that raises moral and ethical questions

Who is the book suitable for?

The easy to follow book is generally recommended for children between the ages of 4 to 12 although anyone of any age, especially for people who are not too savvy on AI and the latest technology, would benefit from it.

The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for kids discusses gender and racial equality

We believe this guide would be a great addition to any reading material for young children as we find the approachable and friendly content certainly appealing. We are highly impressed by the mini-booklets all inclusive nature by ensuring that there is adequate gender and racial equality across the board and also showcasing a range of ethnicities and abilities. All too often we see novels that are geared too heavily on one side of the spectrum which can be very off putting and detrimental for a kids development. Interested to know more and pledge your support? At this publication time, there is 20 days left of the Kickstarter campaign which you can check out here.

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