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Synchredible review

Review of: Synchredible
Software by:
ASCOMP Software
Free for private use | US$33.92 for commerical use

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On October 15, 2013
Last modified:October 15, 2013


Reliable and handy synchronisation & backup software. Although it is limited in functionality, it performs what it sets out to do with minimal issues.

If you are working on a number of important documents and you need to be able to access them at home as well as work, then synchronization software may be your best option. Instead of wasting time painstakingly copying files to and from your USB and computer (for example), having your files syncing at all times will leave you at ease. Synchredible is a synchronization & backup product out on the tech market currently.

Features (v. 4.005)

Some key features include:

* Synchronisations in one direction

* Bi-directional synchronisations

* Synchronisation to USB drives/sticks

* Synchronisation done in real time

* Performs data backup operations


The main interface is simple and straightforward. If we wanted to change the settings of the program, we simply have to navigate to the ‘Options’ section on the top menu. To create a new sync job, we easily follow the prompts in the Synchredible Job Wizard.



Ascomp Software have a forum on their website where you can seek assistance or post comments about Synchredible (and their other products). There is also a user manual available which is accessible via the ‘Help’ button in the program itself. If you cannot find the advice you require in the forum or manual then you can email the developer’s directly.

Compatible Systems

Synchredible is compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8 and Windows Server 2008.


Synchredible is free for private use on up to three systems (it can even be used for a personal business). However, if you want to use Synchredible for commercial purposes (or more than 3 systems for a personal business) then you would need to purchase it for US $33.92.

Concluding Remarks

Synchredible is an easy to use synchronization & backup software that can be utilised by any computer user. However it is quite plain in its functionality as it is limited to syncing between the computer, USB sticks/drives and local network. There is also an occasional (but frustrating) pop up screen which needs to be closed before a sync process can continue. We noticed that Synchredible is not a burden on system resources and carried out the sync jobs in quick fashion (unless the pop screen occurs). Test out Synchredible and let us know what you think.


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