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Suffer from stinky farts? Flatulence underwear is your saviour!

You didn’t read the title wrong. There is such a thing as ‘Flatulence underwear’. Don’t believe me? then check out their manufacturer – MyShreddies. As we are all aware (and sometimes find great humour in), flatulence is a perfectly normal human bodily function. On average, people fart up to 14 times a day (unless you had some strong Indian/Mexican food for lunch then it may be slightly above average). Some farts can be more stinky than others, especially if your diet consists of foods high in sulfur (i.e cheese, soda, eggs). If you are the type of person who suffers from polluting the room with your silent but deadly gas and want to put a stop to it, then Flatulence Underwear may be just what you need. So how does this phemonenal product work exactly?

According to My Shreddies, the underwear contains a ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon panel on the back of the underwear that easily absorbs noxious gases emitting from your rectum. The fumes you give off are easily trapped within panel pores and effectively neutralised by the cloth. After you have finished wearing your underwear, simply wash it to clear up the pores and you can start wearing it again as new.


Instead of making a basic shaped flatulence underwear for men and women, the developers went to the next level and made it look sophisticated and stylish. There are numerous different styles to choose from for ladies and gentleman! Well that is nice to know if you need to wear a specific type of underwear for a special occasion.

The one minor drawback with this underwear? It does not cover the sound of a fart. So you can’t get too comfortable!


Hopefully you are this lucky in most cases!

We have read rave reviews from people that have tried Flatulence Underwear so it definitely must be doing the job. No more will you suffer from a humiliating episode of letting one rip in the elevator (like what happened to Jim Carrey in Liar Liar).

The underwear is not exactly cheap (£21/$39 AUD) but we guess it is worth it if you don’t want to disgust a first date or stench up an important board meeting.

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