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Stop your earphones falling out with the Podbudy

If you are an avid athlete in your exercise regime or simply dancing away in your room listening to your favourite songs, then don’t you absolutely hate it that your earbuds keep falling out? It is such an inconvenience and can really mess with your harmonious pace! Of all the nerve… the world can be so cruel sometimes (yes yes we know! #FirstWorldProblems… but it IS a problem OK!). The Podbudy, developed by Comfortech, has arrived to ensure that you can dance, jive, wheel barrow, hand stand, head bop, sway, run, jump, dash (or even prance!) while your earphones stay securely in tact on your ears. This customizable and stylish product is certainly making waves on Kickstarter at 545% funded and at least 30 days before the end of the campaign. Now we ask you to lend us your ears so we can tell you all about the awesome Podbudy!

What is the inspiration behind the Podbudy?

The brains behind the Podbudy is Shiva Palani who is a certified tech junkie, compulsive dreamer and founder of Comfortech. Shiva was used to his earbuds falling out and on one fateful cold winter day in 2016 he lost his brand new expensive wireless earbuds. This turned out to be the final straw! Shiva soon realised that he wasn’t alone with this infurating problem and not pleased with the options available in the marketplace, he set out on his quest towards the ideal solution.

Quote from Shiva Palani, creator of the Podbudy

Shiva and his employees at Comfortech carefully researched, analysed and collaborated with an abundance of test users and put together 22 (yes… that many!) prototypes before they concluded with the final design. Shiva claims that he ‘wanted a solution to keep my earbuds secure that wasn’t only functional, but beautiful as well’. We can’t fault you on that, Shiva! It is apparent that blood, sweat and (probably) tears went into the making of the Podbudy and us consumers will not be disappointed.

How does the Podbudy work exactly?

You can put on your Podbudy in 3 easy steps. You simply pull open the docks clip on the Podbudy, insert in your earphone in one of the three slots available, and then place your Podbudy around your ears… Voila! Told you it was simple…we weren’t lying to you!

Example of Podbudy being fitted on a person's ear with their earbuds

Comfortech is all too aware that not all humans have the same shaped ears, so there are three customizable positions available to ensure that you feel stable and comfortable while wearing the Podbudy.

Three settings of the Podbudy available for consumers for a secure fit

Which earphones are compatible with the Podbudy?

The Podbudy is adaptable for use by a whole range of earphones from the latest wireless Airpods to the good ol fashioned thin stemmed earphones. Good to know!

What colours does it come in?

It comes in a range of lovely bright transparent colours which are graphite, amber, turquoise, ruby, snow and clear.

Podbudy colours available with turquoise example at forefront

What materials make up the Podbudy?

The Podbudy is made up of flexible but robust material which means it is comfortable (no rubbing irritation as you move) and durable to handle the most energetic sports. We like that Comfortech are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact because their custom resin material is bio-sourced from nearly 65% of renewal resources. Rock on!

Woman doing a wheelbarrow while wearing the Podbudy. Earphones are kept securely in place.

The Podbudy is a formidable, reliable and fashionable product that will allow consumers to have an uninterrupted work out or gallivant without the annoyance of losing their earphones. We particularly like that the Podbudy has three customizable settings so users can focus more on what they are doing instead of feeling insecure keeping the device in place. What are you waiting for? Get moving (or wheel barrow yourself) over to Kickstarter and pledge to this campaign today!

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