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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Review

Software by:
Stellar Phoenix
Free (Trial) | $49.99 (Standard)

Reviewed by:
On January 24, 2018
Last modified:February 22, 2018


An excellent, reliable and powerful tool that swiftly recovers your cherished photos and videos in no time. The latest release comes with enhanced support for various file systems and a revamped interface that any user regardless of their IT background can easily master. Highly recommended!

If you are a professional photographer or working in the media realm, then it is an absolute necessity that you have a reliable and robust recovery software. The last thing you need is losing half of your portfolio before a deadline and staying up to 3am desperately looking for a product that can restore all your data! Look no further than Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery… the latest release has undergone a few visual changes and has a realm of new features (including supporting MXF videos and multiple DPI supported) which is a definite plus. The software is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 which is excellent for computer users still on older versions of Windows.

Key Features

  • Recover deleted/lost photos from digital camera, memory cards, SD cards, USB Sticks/Flash drive, external and internal hard drives
  • Recover deleted/lost video (i.e. AVI, MP4, MOV and MXF) and audio (i.e. MP3, WMA) files on hard drives, memory cards and other storage media
  • Improved support for FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS File Systems
  • Save scan information in the tree hierarchy (for FAT, exFAT and NTFS file systems) to resume recovery at a later time
  • Supports recovery of files with original date timestamp, camera model/name, resolution and file name (if available)
  • Supports RAW Recovery
  • Ability to scan only a desired region of the hard drive or volume.
  • Ability to preview files before recovering them
  • Multi language supported – English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Test Run

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery only took a few minutes to download and install. Once installed, we open into the main clean cut interface.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery main interface

If we click the three horizontal lines on the top left, it pops out with some options such as Preferences (cog wheel icon) and User Guide (? icon).

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery options menu

In the Preferences section, you can configure Headers for your restored files and toggle on/off options such as ‘Show file previous instead of file icon’. Once you are happy with your settings, you simply click Close.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Preferences

Let’s test out the software and attempt to recover photo, audio and video! We click the main button Recover Photo, Audio & Video.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery select Recover Photo, Audio & Video

The various media we have connected to our computer is detected and listed and we can choose which one we want to scan by simply selecting it and clicking Scan Now. For our test run, we used a removable device that had been partitioned a few times, formatted and files deleted at random several times to test out the effectiveness of the software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery storage media is listed and available to scan now

Our scan is now in progress! The scan is performed in the background, so you are free to perform other computer activities while you wait such as watch a movie. We noticed that the ‘Estimated Time Remaining’ was 4 hours and 22 minutes initially as shown in the image below, however it only took an hour or so to perform the scan.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery scanning in progress

A pop up dialog box appears when the scan is complete. Click OK. Time to check out the results from the scan!

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery scan completed

The results are laid out in a root tree structure which makes it easy to navigate.  We can see that the product has recovered some files of ours from 2016! Wow! To see a preview, we merely select a recovered file and it appears in the above frame.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery example of discovered missing photo with preview

For some video files, we can also see a streaming preview as well including sound.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery found videos that can be previewed

Now, it is time for us to recover a few files and see how we go! We select various photo, video and audio files and click Recover.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery select Recover to restore lost data

We then open into File Explorer and click on the folder we want to recover the files to and press Select Folder.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery - In File Explorer choose Select Folder to recover files to

The dialog box, Recovering Data, pops up and we can see our files are being restored. The time taken to restore the files is dependent on how large the data is in total.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery recovering data in progress

Once the recovery process is complete, all our recovered files are placed in the allocated media format for easy browsing. Just like they were laid out nicely in the software! The audio and visual quality we tested for the videos retrieved remained perfect.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery - lost data is now recovered


The developers make sure to provide plenty of information about the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software with the downloadable (and printable) Installation Guide and User Manual available on their site. In addition, there is an extensive FAQ section that previous users have raised with Stellar Phoenix’s customer service representatives so that you can get the answers you need quicker. There is even a how to video guide that shows a clear example of how to perform a scan and recover data. The software itself has an accessible help file with detailed pictures available in the options menu which is certainly handy! Stellar Phoenix provides product support 24 hours, Monday to Friday where you can submit an enquiry form or call them directly. Although if you are worried about international call rates, fear not… you can phone them which is only the cost of a local call! What a relief!

Final Thoughts

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery lives up to its namesake (‘phoenix’ means self regenerating), as it managed to recover over 95% of our lost/missing multimedia files without issue. We are thoroughly impressed with the updated easy to use interface and the straight forward approach to the recovery process. We particularly liked that we can review a previous scan with the full tree hierarchical structure so we don’t have to redo the scan process all over again which makes it far less arduous. Another feature that appealed to us is that we can choose specific folders we want to scan instead of having to scan the entire drive.

If you are considering the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery as your ideal restoration software but not entirely swayed on the product as of yet, you can download the free trial version to scan and preview your deleted photos, videos and audio. If it gathers the data you are missing then you only need to purchase it to recover everything. Not having to go through the whole ordeal of purchasing a recovery product and scanning everything to only being bitterly disappointed is completely off the table! The purchase is a one-time payment which guarantees users a lifetime license with continuous updates and unlimited customer support.

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