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Stay bright on your bike with Magnic Microlights

For many cyclists, the roads can be treacherous and making sure you are well lit up and conspicuous to other vehicles is a definite priority. However, bike lights can turn into a jungle of infuriating cables and batteries continually running out of charge which is not pleasant and can be hazardous at night if you don’t have a spare. Magnic Microlights, which is currently seeking pledges on Kickstarter, is designed to tackle all this by harnessing energy from the rotating bicycle wheels that in turn powers the light. Imagine this… no more cables, batteries or even friction! You simply install the Magnic Microlights onto your brake pads and you are ready to shine while travelling.

Magnic Microlights on a cyclist bike cycling by the beach at night

How are Magnic Microlights different to other bike lights in the marketplace?

Magnic Microlight, developed by Magnic Light, is the world’s first contactless rim dynamos which works on pure (non-magnetic) aluminium wheels. What does this mean? Well.. it means you receive never ending light as long as you are moving the wheels on your bicycle! There are no batteries, cables, wheel-contact and even resistance (ok just a teeny bit) required for the Magnic Microlights to function.

But… how is this contactless energy possible? 

This must be sorcery… we hear you say! Not quite…the science behind this is relatively simple as it all comes down to eddy current technology. Eddy current technology is where energy is able to be drawn from the rotating bicycle wheels without the need for physical contact (hence no friction or resistance). Now let’s put this into context…As you start cycling and your wheels spin, the strong magnets located in the generator induce eddy currents from the magnetic fields in the turning wheel, which as a result interact with magnets in the generator and boom! Electricity! The lights are thus able to be powered indefinitely as long as you keep on moving.

There must be a catch….I would need to cycle harder to power up the Magnic Microlights, right?

That would be a no! The Magnic Microlights consume less than 0.3 Watts per light (on average) at 20 km/h which means you won’t feel any impact to your cycling routine.

Cyclists using Magnic Microlights on the highway

Wow! What else can Magnic Microlights do?

There are some seriously impressive features with the Magnic Microlights. For example,  when you use the brakes on your bike, the lights brighten up strongly (just like a vehicle) to indicate to the driver behind you that you are slowing down or stopping. Furthermore, if you need to turn left or right, you simply double tap the relevant front brake on the handle bar and the Magnic Microlight flashes to indicate you are turning. Utterly brilliant!

What is the ‘Malawi Edition’ reward about?

Backers can opt for the ‘Malawi Edition’ reward which is associated with Magnic Light’s fantastic collaboration with the Kindle Orphan Outreach organisation in Malawi. This partnership enables young adults to work on the Magnic Microlights in return for a decent salary and board including electricity and internet connection. This project will subsequently permit Magnic Light to invest in a greater degree of infrastructure and education in Malawi. This collaboration certainly signifies Magnic Light’s dedication towards humanitarian and charity efforts which we don’t normally see in many companies today.

Magnic Microlights Malawi Edition

Magnic Microlights is an excellent and unique invention and stands apart from other bike lights on the market through its use of patented contactless energy. From the creator’s outstanding use of the latest technology, environmental and inspirational humanitarian focus we can envision that this is an exemplary gadget to pledge your support to on Kickstarter. Even if they don’t meet the required pledges, the company will still go ahead and produce the product which is fantastic news! If you are keen on learning more about Magnic Microlights, then wheel yourself over to their Kickstarter campaign page.

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