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Sick of losing your luggage? Introducing the TrakDot Luggage tracker!

Ever been in the situation where you’ve packed all your best clothes for a fantastic trip abroad, however, when you get to your cherished destination the airline has misplaced or lost your luggage. Brilliant!! The relevant airline obviously has no idea where your luggage may be but assures you it should be found in record time and returned to you promptly. Meanwhile you are left to scoping around random stores to find some articles of clothing to wear in your jetlagged and tired state. A recent report states that over 26 million items of luggage goes missing every year in North America… not a very comfortable thought for wannabe global travellers. In response to this crises, GlobaTrac has developed the lightweight TrakDot Luggage that is able to ‘track’ your luggage throughout your trip.


TrakDot Luggage is able to be inserted into your luggage and provide you with regular updates of your luggage’s location via an application, email, sms or Trakdot’s website. Trakdot is powered by AA batteries (included) which can last up to two weeks as the device relies on a quad-band GSM chip and triangulation, not on a battery draining GPS. To further extend battery life, the Trakdot goes into dormant mode once the airplane reaches 185km/h. After the plane has arrived at its destination, Trackdot transmits a text message or email informing you of the current location of your luggage. The smartphone application also notifies you if your luggage is approaching you on the airport carousel.  If you prefer, you can configure the Trakdot website to map out your luggage’s journey. This can be of great assistance to the airline that is trying to track down your misplaced luggage.


GlobaTrac released TrakDot in North America around March 2013 with a retail price of US$59.99 and activation fee + annual service charge of US$21.98 If you are a frequent traveller, we suggest that acquiring a TrakDot is a small price to pay in comparison to losing your luggage entirely!



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