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Send large files securely to another user with Firefox Send

Mozilla Firefox have decided to become more competitive when it comes to file sharing and is testing the waters with the Firefox Send application. In a bid to rival other file sharing apps on the market such as DropBox, Google Drive and MultCloud… Firefox Send gives users the ability to upload a file (no larger than 2GB in size) to a Firefox Send server where it can be downloaded by another person. Those infuriating permissions, rules, requirements and so forth are gone completely! For the security weary, the file can only be downloaded once from the server and it is automatically deleted once the file is downloaded. It is currently in the ‘experimenting’ phase at this time and will only fully launch if Firefox sees it as a viable entity to the opposition. So… Firefox Send may talk the talk but does it walk the walk? Let’s test it and find out!

Simply navigate to the Firefox Send website. An interesting note to make is that Firefox Send can be utilised on any web browser (we are testing it on Google Chrome) although it recommends to use Firefox to avoid any issues.

Firefox Send main website

Click the button Select a file to upload. To minimise transfer problems, Firefox suggests to keep your file to under 1GB.

In Firefox Send, user can select a file to upload

File explorer opens, we choose a random file that is about 1GB in size. Click Open.

Select a file to upload from File Explorer with Firefox Send

The file is uploading and then…

File is being imported and uploaded with Firefox Send

Oh no! Something went wrong… we try to refresh the page and try again but it doesn’t seem to work. Shame!

Error message on Google Chrome while using Firefox Send

We decide to hop on over to the Firefox browser and try again. Guess they were right about using their browser for a more reliable experience. Firefox Send is now verifying, encrypting then uploading our file to Firefox Send servers. The uploading of the file is dependent on the size and your internet’s connection speed. For us it took about 30 minutes for our 1.2GB file. Not spectacularly fast but at least it runs in the background and we are free to perform other computer tasks.

Uploading file onto Firefox Send

Once the file is uploaded, we are presented with a link that we can copy and send to the relevant person. We are advised that it will expire after 1 download or within 24 hours of upload.

Advised by Firefox Send that the link to your file will expire after 1 download or 24 hours. Users can copy and share the link to another user.

For added security, we can set a password for anyone to access the file. To do this, we click the checkbox ‘Require a password to download this file’ and enter in a Password.

User can setup a password for the file on Firefox Send

When we are done, we select the Add Password button.

Add password to file in Firefox Send

Now we have a password setup for the file, we can highlight and copy it i.e. Ctrl + C or press Copy to Clipboard.

Copying link of file to clipboard in Firefox Send

Send the link to the person you want to download the file. Remember, you can only download the file once and it can not be re downloaded using the same link.

Sending link of file to another user so they can download it from Firefox Send

The other person will end up at this page which is titled ‘Download Encrypted File. Since we setup a password, the user has to enter this in and press the Unlock button.

Other user needs to unlock file on Firefox Send

The user is taken to the Download page where they click Download.

User taken to download file page in Firefox Send

The file is now downloading. The duration of download is again dependent on size and connection speed. Excellent!

User is downloading file from Firefox Send

If the user wants to re download the file, then they will have to request another link. Even if they try they receive the following error message.

User cannot redownload the file from Firefox Send. They need to request another link. Error message apppears that the link has expired or never existed in the first place.

From what we found is that the Firefox Send application does essentially carry out the job but we did run into an issue originally with our Google Chrome browser. After clearing our cache and retesting it, it appears the file uploading process worked so it may be a problem with our cookies or cache and not Firefox Send itself. Furthermore, we did test out the program on Microsoft Edge and Opera web browser without any problems either. Although, considering it is Firefox Send then we suppose it is preferable to operate the application in the Firefox Mozilla browser. Firefox Send is a free and easy to use alternative to the usual share file applications out there. There are no sign up with your account required and there is added security with configuration of a password and the file disappearing after 24 hours (or after one download).

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