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Remotely access your computer through Google Chrome

If you have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you only need to install a Google Chrome extension in order to access the computer remotely. This Chrome Extension can be used on any Mac or Windows operating system. However, Linux does not fall into this category. We show you how its done:

You need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop application to the computer you want to access remotely and the machine(s) you want to use to log into it. First, install the application to the computer you want to control remotely.

Install the add on to your Google Chrome browser by simply navigating to the Chrome Web Store. Select Free.


You now need to confirm if you want to add the app to Google Chrome. Select Add.


Once installed, select the Chrome Remote Desktop icon in the apps tab page.


You need to provide the application authorisation to use your computer. Select Continue.


Login to your relevant google account and select ‘Accept’.


Chrome Remote Desktop application is now active for use. Select Get Started in the My Computers section to configure the current computer you are on for remote access.


Select Enable Remote Connections.


Enter in a PIN of at least six digits (remember to take note of it!) which other computers have to type in before they are allowed access to your computer.


You will have to confirm your account and pin again. Select OK.


A dialog box pops up informing you that remote connections for this computer has been enabled. Select OK.


Your computer is now listed in ‘My Computers’. For our example, it is listed as Lab-PC.


On the alternate computer, install Chrome Remote Desktop and then  select Lab-PC from the section ‘My Computers’.


Enter the Pin you originally entered for your other computer. Press Connect.


You now have access to the other computer as per the example below.



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