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Recharge your mobile phone in no time with the CircleOne Wireless Charging Power Bank

Many of us today rely heavily on our mobile phones, whether it be looking up a delicious restaurant for an event, searching for flights for your next action-packed adventure, playing that addictive game such as Candy Crush or looking at cute cate videos on your Facebook feed… whatever the case, battery life of our mobile phones are something to be desired and before you know it, you are out of juice! Oh dear! Now you simply must pay attention to the conversation in front of you and *gasp* actually make eye contact with people instead of being ‘distracted’ by your phone. You can carry around a USB power supply with cable but they can be a little fiddly and let’s be honest, not entirely sexy. GoSquare have come up with a fashionable alternative, the CircleOne Wireless Charging Power Bank which is currently garnering pledges on Kickstarter. The CircleOne is super lightweight and only the size of a standard mobile phone which means it is easy to carry around or simply place on a surface to charge up when needed.

How does the CircleOne work?

The CircleOne supports the Qi standard wireless charging technology which means, just as its namesake, it charges up mobile phones wirelessly. As a result, users need no cable to attach their mobile phones to the power supply. They simply can place their mobile phone on top of it and the magic of charging can commence!

CircleOne Wireless Power Bank Main Features

Hang on… what is Qi standard technology?

For the tech buffs out there, Qi standard, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, is an open interface standard that defines wireless power transfer using inductive charging over distances (up to 4cm). When a device, such as a mobile phone, is freshly placed on the charging pad, it sends through an intermittent test signal to the device. If the freshly placed device is deemed Qi-compliant, it will respond to the ‘ping’ by transmitting back the received signal strength. Subsequently, the charging pad automatically activates and wirelessly charges the phone via resonant inductive coupling.

Won’t my mobile phone easily slip off the wireless charger if it gets bumped?

You won’t have to worry about this as GoSquare include Magic Stickers with the product! You simply peel off the magic sticker circle and place it on CircleOne and then attach mobile phone will securely stay put on the wireless charger. Voila!

Mobile phones stay stuck to the CircleOne Wireless Power Bank with Magic Stickers

If the sticker picks up dirt, which is all too common for our mobile phones (some people even take them to the toilet after all), you can gentle remove dust with cleaning wipes and the adhesive will continue to work.

Can I still charge my mobile phone if the CircleOne itself is charging?

You certainly can! The CircleOne can be charged via USB and your phone will continue to charge up.

Charge via USB available for the CircleOne Wireless Power Bank

Which phones are compatible with the charger?

The wireless charger is compatible with a whole range of mobile phones for Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony.

List of mobile phones that are compatible with the CircleOne Wireless Power Bank

If your mobile phone is not QI standard, do not despair! The CircleOne also comes with a wireless receiver so non-compliant mobile phones can still receive a wireless charge. Good thinking, GoSquare team!

We think that the CircleOne Wireless Power Bank is a stylish and practical alternative to other similar chargers out on the market. We particularly like it’s fast charging capability and the adhesive ‘magic stickers’ that prevent your phone from sliding off. If you are keen on backing this on Kickstarter, best hurry over now and make your pledge as there are only 37 days to go!

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