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PureSync review

Review of: PureSync
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Jumping Bytes
Personal (Free) | Professional (30 Day Trial & AU$28)

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On February 13, 2014
Last modified:February 18, 2014


Succinct and interactive interface, informative help notes and minimal bugs ensure that you have a breezy experience with PureSync. A top notch application that syncs and backs up your files with ease.

PureSync is another sync and backup application that has made its way onto the technology market. What separates it from others is that this program is particularly helpful for users who are not exceptionally skilled in the realms of IT and require their ‘hand to be held’ through the process. PureSync is compatible with Windows operating systems  XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows Server 2003/2008. For our review, we experimented with PureSync (Personal Edition) on Windows 7.

Features (v 3.7.8)

Puresync is equipped with the following features:


  • Synchronize files and folders (FTP supported)
  • Backup of Files and Complete Folders
  • Transfer Files from one Folder to another
  • Automatic Adaption to the folder at the destination
  • Photo-Sync for digital cameras
    • Copy e.g only the new photos from the camera
  • Automatic Synchronization/backup
    • Scheduled
    • Drive connected
    • On modification of a file
    • At Logon/Logoff
    • User Definable Event
  • Compare view
    • Control which file will be synced in which direction



PureSync has a very easy to use and straight forward interface. The layout is akin to Microsoft products with the menu items on the top left hand side. As soon as you open up the application, the home screen shows ‘Create a new job’, ‘Recent executed jobs’ and ‘All Jobs’ that have been performed.


New Synchronization

Let’s test out the synchronization process, click ‘New Synchronization’.


On the Setup Synchronization wizard you are presented with Folder 1 and Folder 2 in the Explorer tab.  For our example we want to sync files and folders from our Accounts Folder to the External Drive (/:O). However, we do have subfolders and want to create one in the destination folder (Folder 2). Therefore, we first click ‘More Options’.


We then set up the relevant configurations such as ensuring the ‘including subfolders’ checkbox is ticked and that we want the subfolder to be named ‘year/month’. Press Next to continue.


If you would like to filter folders or files such as sync word documents (.doc) or image files (i.e. .jpg, .png) then you can do so on this page. However, for our example, we want everything included in the sync.  Therefore, we leave these options blank. You can also configure PureSync to delete files from Folder 1 if they were deleted in Folder 2 (and vice-versa). Again we leave these options blank.


Now is time for Automatic Synchronization. On this page we are provided various options that we can configure the synchronization process. We decide to choose the option ‘When device connected/folder found’ and to show up in the tray icon everytime it starts the synchronization process.


On the ‘Action After Synchronization’ page, we select the option for an explorer window to open and show the copied files.


Enter in a name for the job such as ‘Accounts’. We want the synchronization process to commence as soon as we complete the wizard so we ensure that the relevant checkbox is ticked. Click Finish.



PureSync Personal Edition is free for use which is excellent value. For PureSync Professional you are entitled a 30 day trial and then you would need to pay around US $25 (AUD $28) to retain the Professional version. If you do not, it reverts back to the Puresync Personal Edition.


On the application itself, PureSync has a help and hint section which is quite informative if you run into a bit of trouble while running the software. What we genuinely liked was that on each step of any job we undertook (for example, setting up a new syncrhonization) there was always a handy little ‘help’ button on the bottom left hand side. If you were unsure of a step, simply click on it and you would be taken to the relevant help section.


There is also a small support section on Jumping Bytes which provides some assistance if you experience any ‘errors’ while using PureSync.

Final verdict

We found PureSync to be a superb back up and sync product. The wizards guided us through every process swiftly and we encountered no problems throughout the process. Although we used a free version we were not constantly hammered with ads and/or pop up screens asking us to upgrade to a paid professional version that we have experienced with other similar products. Highly recommended!

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