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Protect your beloved dog on walks with the K-9ite Safety Light belt

For many loving dog owners, there is nothing more important than ensuring your precious pooch is kept safe and sound when you take them on their daily treasured walk or adventuring pastures new. However, tragedy can strike if your pet is startled or scared and they slip out of their collar/harness to sprint off into the night or in ferocious traffic. David Spence had a similar terrifying situation happen to him and so he manufactured the K-9ite Safety Light. The K-9ite Safety Light, which is currently garnering pledges on Kickstarter, is the world’s first LED Safety Belt for Dogs. Even if your dog manages to wriggle free you’ll be able to see him/her as the bright LED will continual vividly. We believe that this will become a must have item for any dog owners out there.

K-9ite Safety Light fitted on dog

What is the inspiration for the K-9ite Safety Light?

David Spence is the genius inventor behind the K-9ite Safety Light. He had the scary experience of witnessing his precious dog, Belle, suddenly breaking free of her collar one night on their usual walk. There is happy ending to this story though as Spence was happily reunited with his cherished pet shortly after the incident… although not everyone can be this lucky. Spence sees this issue all too often when a dog encounters an unusual smell/sight/sound in their environment and then they bolt in fear/excitement. To prevent this from recurring and unimpressed with the current harnesses in the market, the concept of the K-9ite Safety Light sprang to David’s mind. His mission is clear – “the K-9ite Safety Light is prevention and preparedness for dog owners, so they can equip themselves and their dogs to stay visibly connect if such a break-away situation occurs. We like to say ‘In sight and out of danger’ as our motto.”

K-9ite Safety Light's creator David Spence with his dog Belle

An interesting fact about Spence is that he has a form of learning disability called dyscalculia. If you’ve never heard of the condition it is akin to being dyslexic, but with numbers. As he grew up, being an abstract thinker meant that he processes information in a different way to the typical human being. Therefore it is no surprise that he came up with something as unique as the K-9ite Safety Light.  He was completely blown away himself! Currently, Spence has a US patent pending as we speak.

Tell me more about the K-9ite Safety Light

The K-9ite Safety Light contains all in one features which is fantastic! The device simply slips onto your dog like a typical harness and adjusts for a comfort fit as required. The harness positions itself on the highest point of your dogs back to ensure the rainbow LED lights have the best vantage point. The unique collar has a built in antenna and signal receptor for the LED lights which are easily customizable with a compatible Smartphone. All you have to do is download the K-9ite Safety Light app, pair it via Bluetooth and you are able to control the LED lights as you so wish. Once you are all setup, you can both head outside to gallivant around to your hearts content!

Detailed diagram of the K-9ite Safety Light features

The K-9ite Safety Light only fits particular sized dogs right?

Definitely not! The K-9ite Safety Light is a one size fits all due to its adjustable belt design meaning that any type of dog whether it is a small Chihuahua or a Great Dane can be protected and confident in their harness. Furthermore, the product is extremely comfortable and enables dogs to move about freely and perform their usual activities without impediment.

K-9ite Safety Light is a secure fit with an elastic comfort band

The LED light must consume loads of charge, won’t I need to continue replacing the batteries?

You won’t need to worry about having to change the batteries for the multi coloured LED on the K-9ite Safety Light as it is USB rechargeable. The USB battery can be plugged in and recharged when your faithful canine is not using it. A fully charged battery lasts for several hours, certainly enough time for a few walks with your adorable doggie!

K-9ite Safety Light worn by Spence's dog Belle at night

We believe the K-9ite Safety Light is an outstanding, unique invention and we are sure many dog owners would be keen to get their hands on one. It may even be an excellent gift for a family or friend who has a dog or dogs themselves! If you are eager to pledge your support to K-9ite Safety Light, then we strongly advise to head over to the Kickstarter page and back this project today.

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