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Protect documents using docTrackr in Gmail

If you want to make sure that your attachments in Gmail are secure then you can use docTrackr. DocTrackr is an application only available in Google Chrome. It can track, secure and delete your files (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt) remotely. However, DocTrackr can just secure pdf attachments in Gmail at this time of writing. Hopefully this application can cover all other types of documents soon! Let’s test out DocTrackr.

First of all, navigate to the Google Chrome apps store and download DocTrackr.


Click Add.


Now we have to set up our account with DocTrackr. Select the blue link on the bottom of the icon pop up window.


Fill in your details and select Create your account.


Once we have created our account, click the confirm link sent to you by DocTrackr in your email account. Your DocTrackr account is now active!

Let’s navigate to our Gmail account and start getting our attachment secure!

In our new mail, after we have completed our message select the DocTrackr secure icon.


Navigate to the documents you want to send with your Gmail. When selected the DocTrackr will do its work by encrypting and securing the attachment.


Now we are all ready to shoot off our email! Click Send.

A pop up appears requesting how you want the recipient to view the attachment. Do you want to allow them to edit the pdf? Or do you just want them to simply view it? Perhaps let them print it too? You can configure these options as you wish! You can also select if you want the document to expire from being viewed after a certain date. When you are ready, Click Secure & Share.


Ok email has been sent! Now let’s check out our DocTrackr Dashboard and see what is happening with our attachment.

Click on Gmail.


The pdf that we sent securely in our email is now listed as ‘latest activity’.


Clicking on the PDF itself will present you with a more detailed activity report. There are various tabs here – Analytics, Location, Acitivty, People and Notifications. You can also ‘enable’ or ‘disable’ the file and download the file.


If a recipient has accessed the file, then it would come up in the Activity Report (as shown below).


What happens if we want to prevent the file being accessed anymore? then simply click disable.


Now the document cannot be opened! If someone tries downloading and opening it up, it will come up with the error message below.



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