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Print files from your mobile device with ease using Breezy

Do you wish you could print from your mobile devices anywhere at anytime without having to use your computer? Breezy is an easy to use, practical application that enables users to print documents, images or anything really directly from their mobile device! Breezy is compatible with all forms of mobile devices (iOS, Android and Blackberry). However, you can only configure the Personal Connector on a Windows PC. We give the Breezy personal edition a test run.

To get the ball rolling, we need to first download the Breezy Personal Connector to our PC.


When the program has installed, you are prompted to sign in but first you need to create an account. Click ‘Create a new account’.


Fill in your details and select ‘Create Account’


The Printers on your PC network are listed. Select the one(s) you want to use with Breezy and click Next to continue. You can also give them a nickname if you prefer.


You arrive at the main console for Breezy Personal Connector. You can change user accounts, add printers, configure your settings and seek help from here.


Now it is time to install Breezy onto your mobile device. For our example, we configure Breezy on a Google Nexus 4. We navigate to the Google Play store and install Breezy.


We start up the application, sign in with our account and end up at the home interface for Breezy. Let us see if this works! Select ‘Print File’.


Note: If you do not have a File Manager installed on your device you are requested to go download one from your relevant app store when you select ‘Print File’. 

We navigate to the folder that holds the file we want to print and select it.


A pop up screen appears asking us to specify how to pick up the file in Normal Android Way or File Way. Select Normal Android Way (or File Way if the first option doesn’t work).


Let us test out the printing capabilities by selecting ‘Print at Home’ for the chosen file. You also have other options available such as previewing the file or sending it as a fax.


The printer configured on your PC from before should be listed. Select it.


On the Printer Options page, you are provided with some limited configuration options such as printing in colour or including a cover sheet. We decide to leave default settings and select Print.


The document has now printed. Easy, isn’t it?





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