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Prevent your Facebook friends knowing when you have seen their message using Facebook Chat Pro

For all Facebook conaisseurs, there are features in chat which show when a message has been read and whether a user is typing a response to you. This can be very helpful in particular situations i.e. your phone is dead and you need to urgently contact a person but you only have their Facebook details. We’ve all been there before, for sure! However, in today’s world where it is hard to retain a level of privacy, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn off these features? Facebook has not provided an opt out preference as of yet (typical). Google Chrome has come to the rescue by formulating the Facebook Chat Pro.

Facebook Chat Pro provides users with notifications that are “minimalist and rich in detail”. For example, you would be sent your friends photo, their message and even a photo (if attached). If you want to open the chat box, simply click on the pop up and voila. There are a variety of settings you can configure with Facebook Chat Pro, popular one being to prevent your friends seeing if you read their message or not! Let’s show how to set this up and configure it.

Navigate to Facebook Chat Pro and select Install.


Select Add to install the application to Google Chrome.


Select the icon (top right hand side in Google Chrome) and click Settings from the drop down box.


On the Settings page, in the Privacy section, ensure that the checkbox ‘Prevent your friends see you have viewed a message’ is ticked. Your friends are no longer able to see whether you have read their message or not.


You can also switch off whether they can see if you are responding to a message or not by simply ensuring that ‘Prevent your friends see you are typing a message’ checkbox is ticked.


There are other settings you can configure on this page such as preventing friends from seeing if you are typing a message to them or not having notifications close automatically after a set period of time. We actually liked the ‘typewriter mode’ which makes your Facebook ‘noir style’ and gives the sound of a typewriter every time you write a message.


Facebook will look something like this if typewriter mode is switched on.


Although the clickety clack of the typewriter will get old fast… it was fun while it lasted!

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