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Power down to safely remove USB devices from Windows 7

Sometimes notice that after you have ‘safely removed USB’ from your computer it is still flashing? Although the USB device is marked as removed in Windows, the USB port is still enabled and thus continues to flash. If you want, you can edit the Registry to ensure that the USB port is disabled every time you safely remove a device.


Navigate to Start, type regedit in the search bar and press enter.


The Registry Editor opens. Scroll down to the following folder:


Right click on Usbhub folder and select New – Key from the drop down list. Name the new key hubg.


In the hubg folder, right click the right window and select New – D-Word (32 bit) Value from the drop down list. Name the D-Word, DisableOnSoftRemove.

C:\CloudBT\Disable USB port\4_Disable_USB_Port_-_Value_Data_1.png

Right click DisableOnSoftRemove and click Modify. Change the Value Data to 1 and select OK to continue.


Exit out of Registry Editor.

As a result, the next time you safely remove a device from a usb port it should completely power down!



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