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Pin an external drive to the Windows 7 taskbar

If you have an external drive regularly connected to your computer and want to be able to freely access it from the taskbar (instead of opening My Computer every time), then simply perform the following procedure:


Navigate to the Desktop and right click on an empty space. Select New – Text Document from the drop down menu.


Give the text document your external drive’s name (such as Drive H), and change the file extension from .txt to .exe. Press EnterA warning message appears stating that if you change the extension of the file it may become unstable. Click Yes to continue.


The text document has now become a fake executable file on your Desktop. Right click the file and select Pin to Taskbar from the drop down menu.


The executable file is now pinned to the Taskbar. Right click on the icon then right click the name of the file (in our case, Drive H) and select Properties.


Navigate to the Shortcut tab. Amend the Target and Start In text box’s to the relevant external drive’s letter. In our case it would be, H:\.


To change the icon to something that resembles a hard drive, click on Change Icon.


Select whatever icon you prefer from the list and click OK.


Click OK again to apply changes.


The executable file on the task bar will now appear as a Drive icon and, when selected, will open the external drive in My Computer.




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