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PetAura – the innovative and smart pet collar

People love to buy technology for themselves or friends/family, but what about for their pets? Of course is the answer! Pet technology gadgets are becoming increasingly popular and consumers are crying out for even more high tech and brilliant quality equipment for their beloved pet. The latest pet gadget to (hopefully) hit the tech market is PetAura. PetAura is the ‘ultimate SmartPet LED&NFC collar’ according to its developers. The Near Field Communication (NFC) Tag is what sets this collar above any average everyday pet collar. You can program the NFC Tag to open doors upon your pets approach and store important medical data in case your pet is attended to by a vet without you being present. PetAura is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter and it looks like it is on its way to receiving the required pledges.




  • NFC Tags
  • Rechargable (2Hr Full)
  • LED Light Fibers
  • AVG 80 Operation Hours
  • 3 Cool Modes (Wink, Strobe, Constant)


NFC Technology

The NFC tags on the PetAura collar can have any form of information downloaded onto them. The data is then readible with a smartphone or another device that can read NFC. The developers claim that NFC tags can be configured to perform the following:


  • Contain contact information and medical data (in case your pet is injured/lost and you are not present at the vet)
  • SmartHome Automation systems
  • Data Storage/Retrieval
  • Pet-Food Shopping (Bitcoins/google wallets).
  • 3 Cool Modes (Wink, Strobe, Constant)


The NFC Tag is enclosed within a Stainless Steel exterior to ensure it is protected from the elements (i.e. rain, dirt).


LED Light Fibers

The LED Light fibers are excellent if you have a pet cat that likes to venture around the neighbourhood at night and you are worried he/she will get hit by a car. There are 3 different settings you can set it to (winking, strobe and constant) which will ensure your pet is easily identified in the dark. Although your pet may not be happy about the attention it may receive from its pulsating collar.



The collar is definitely practical for any pet but the developers didn’t want to make it look average and bulky. It actually looks quite groovy in its overall appearance. PetAura will be available in an abundance of colours i.e. sky blue and speedy lime! Catchy names! They can make your pet look quite fetching when you want to show them off to family/friends. Furthermore, the collar will come in a variety of sizes which means any size pet can definitely utilise this device!


We contacted Dr David Hughes who heads up the veterinary hospital in Concord for his thoughts on PetAura. Dr Hughes commented that he is highly impressed by PetAura’s potential and points out that the LED component would hopefully prevent native fauna from being attacked by pets (particularly cats) at night.  Even the wildlife benefit from your pet using PetAura it seems!

PetAura has already reached over $5,000 (half) of its required goal on Kickstarter. With about 22 days to go before pledging ends, we hope that this product will be available for purchase soon enough!


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