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PDF Link Editor Review

Review of: PDF Link Editor
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PDF Link Editor

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On March 23, 2018
Last modified:March 26, 2018


PDF Link Editor is a convenient and easy to use tool that swiftly edits hyperlinks in PDFs with one click. Its simple to follow interface means that any computer user would not have an issue using the product. Highly Recommended!

Do you find it entirely cumbersome having to configure hyperlinks in PDF? Imagine you were filling out a major document and realised that the link that you had inserted about, oh so, 20 times in a 100 page PDF needed to be amended… you’d have to search for EACH link and edit it one at a time. Oh the pain of it all! There are a few programs out there that can make our lives easier for editing PDF hyperlinks but most of them you have to pay for (ugh… who needs that)? Well, PDF Link Editor is a free nifty smart little tool that is able to edit hyperlinks in a batch for your PDF and essentially saving you a huge chunk of your time. We check out the PDF Link Editor for our review today!


PDF Link Editor comes with an excellent array of features including:

  • Replacing hundreds of PDF Hyperlinks in One Click
  • Adding or Inserting Hundreds of PDF Hyperlinks in One Click
  • Clearing or Extracting All Hyperlinks in One PDF in No Time.
  • Standalone software with no Adobe Plugin required to operate.
  • Compatible with all Adobe PDF versions.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Guarantee that software is 100% malware and virus free.

Test Run

Time to test out the PDF Link Editor to see if it lives up to the hype!

It takes a few minutes to install the product which is only 27mb in size after installation.

PDF Link Editor Install Wizard

After installation, we open into the main interface for PDF Link Editor. We find it very clean cut and easy to follow.

Main Interface of PDF Link Editor

Let’s test out a PDF to amend its hyperlinks! We select Add PDF.

Select Add PDF option for PDF Link Editor

We add one of our how to guides that have plenty of hyperlinks we have to amend. Look how nicely it is presented in the application! This is definitely easy on the eye and not overwhelming in the slightest.

Added PDF in PDF Link Editor listing anchors, links and page numbers with document viewer

Let’s start amending some links! To make it easier to select since it is showing us the hyperlinks in chronological order, we select the links tab and now the hyperlinks are coming up in alphabetical order.

Put links in alphabetical order in PDF Link Editor

The URLs that need to be amended in a batch are selected. The tool is similar to File Explorer in that we can hold down the Shift key to select the URLs instead of clicking one by one on the checkbox. We enter in the URL we want to enter instead and select Replace.

Highlight and replace links in PDF Link Editor

We are advised that the links are replaced successfully.

Pop up shows Replace links successfully in PDF Link Editor

File Explorer pops up and shows us the newly created PDF with the links replaced. Well that was super easy!

New PDF created by PDF Link Editor that has links replaced

If we want to delete some links, we simply highlight them and click Clear Links.

To remove links from PDF select Clear Links in PDF Link Editor

We also test out the Add Links component.

Select Add Links in PDF Link Editor

The text we want to put a hyperlink for is entered and click the Search button.

Enter in anchor text to put in a hyperlink in PDF Link Editor

We are advised that 7 anchors have been located with that exact wording. To review the found anchors we can simply select Show Me!.

Select Show Me! option to open PDFViewer in PDF Link Editor

PDFViewer pops up and highlights in grey the anchor text that have been located.

Example of document in PDFViewer that shows anchor text which will have hyperlinks added to

Since we are happy with the located anchor text, we enter in the URL that we want added to them and click Insert URL.

Entered URL to insert into anchor text

The Hyperlinks have been added successfully according to the pop up! Woohoo!

Hyperlinks addedd successfully in PDF Link Editor

Our PDF document looks like new with all its changes!

Final PDF document updated with PDF Link Editor


PDF Link Editor have a number of How to Guides in their Tutorial section of their website that provide clear step by step instructions to assist users. For example, you can follow how to replace hyperlinks in batch or extract all PDF links.

Tutorial section on PDF Link Editor website that has how to guides

For users who run into any issues or require further assistance, the customer support team can be easily contacted via email address. We had a few questions of our own and we did find them very responsive!

Final Thoughts

We are thoroughly impressed with how powerful and efficient PDF Link Editor is from our intensive testing. Upon adding a PDF to the PDF Link Editor, the scanning takes mere seconds and all relevant hyperlinks appear allowing us to get to work pronto. No clunky maneuvers required! We were easily able to amend our PDF hyperlinks quickly and in one click just like the company advertises. We particularly liked the PDF Viewer feature since we could verify if we were configuring the relevant links accurately. Furthermore, we didn’t run into any troubleshooting or long term issues which is something we highly appreciate.  We strongly recommend this tool for any level of computer user and so why not test it out for yourself!

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