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Partition Wizard Review

Review of: Partition Wizard
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Free / $39 for Professional

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On February 5, 2016
Last modified:February 16, 2018


A solid and easy to use tool for managing disk partitions.

What is Partition Wizard?

Partition Wizard is a partition management software made by a company called MiniTool, it is available here.

The software is priced at $39 for the Professional Edition. It’s available for Windows XP, Vista, 7/8, and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).

Key Features

Partition Wizard has three main functions, including:

  • Partition Resizing: Lets you extend or shrink partition sizes and change dynamic volume size.
  • Partition Disk Converter: Lets you convert disks between basic and dynamic disk or GBT and MBR; or, you can change file systems between FAT and NTFS.
  • Partition Manager: Create or delete partitions, merge and split partitions, and perform other repartition operations.

You’ve always been able to make partitions on Windows without software. However, making partitions can be notoriously difficult and filled with all sorts of problems – like how to convert those partitions, recover them, or resize them. Partition Wizard aims to solve these problems whether you’re a home or business user, a server administrator, or an IT service provider.

The basic software is free, although it only offers a limited range of features at the free level. The Professional edition, priced at $39, lets you perform all of the features listed above.

How Does Partition Wizard Work?

There’s a free version and Professional version of Partition Wizard available. The free version provides a basic range of functions – you can create and move basic partitions, for example, and convert them between file systems and disk styles.

For this review, I used Partition Wizard Professional 9.1.

After starting up the software, you’ll be able to view all of your current hard disks. This is what my 420GB laptop hard disk looked like:

Along the side, you can see all of the different options available, including the ability to copy a partition, copy a disk, or attempt to recover a partition.

All of these tasks are performed through wizards. To copy a partition, for example, you simply work your way through the series of steps within the wizard, choosing the partition you would like to copy and then deciding where you’d like to copy that partition:

If you’re wiping out certain parts of your hard disk, then you can also look under the “Operations” section for options like Delete All Partitions, Wipe Disk, and Show Disk Properties.

Obviously, if all of your OS data is stored on one partition, then you’ll want to be very careful about clicking these buttons. However, if you have data set aside on one partition and want to remove it, then you’d need to use these tools:

Of course, if you accidentally delete a partition and realize you need that data, then that’s when the Partition Recovery Wizard comes in handy. That recovery wizard lets you scan across your entire disk (or certain portions) for any partitions that may have been deleted.

You can scan your entire disk, a specified range of disks, or only the unallocated space where a deleted partition might be hiding:

Just like with all data recovery operations, your likelihood of recovering the partition depends largely on how much data you’ve added or changed since you deleted the partition.

Partition Wizard Pricing

There are two main versions of Partition Wizard, including the Free version and the Professional version.

The Free version lets you perform basic partition-related tasks, while the Professional version lets you perform a full range of different tasks.

Free Version

  • Resize and Move Basic Partitions
  • Create/Delete/Format Basic Partitions
  • Split and Align Partitions
  • Recover Partitions
  • Convert File Systems, and Disk Styles
  • Supports Hard Disks Up to 8TB

Professional Version ($39)

  • Resize and Move Basic Partitions and Dynamic Volumes
  • Create/Delete/Format Basic Partitions and Dynamic Volumes
  • Merge, Split, and Align Partitions
  • Change cluster Sizes
  • Partition/Disk Copy, Recovery, and MBR Rebuild
  • Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic
  • Convert File Systems and Disk Styles
  • Supports Hard Disks Up to 16TB

There are also three other licenses available for Partition Wizard, including Server, Enterprise, and Technician. Here’s how each of these licenses works:

Server ($129 or $259 with Free Lifetime Upgrades)

  • All of the Features in Professional
  • Supports Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 (All Editions)

Enterprise ($399 or $499 with Free Lifetime Upgrades

  • All of the Features in Professional and Server
  • Allows unlimited Usage within One Company
  • Supports Hard Disks Up to 32TB

Technician ($699 with Free Lifetime Upgrades)

  • All of the Features in Professional and Server
  • Allows Unlimited Usage within Unlimited Companies
  • Supports Hard Disks Up to 32TB

If you don’t buy the free lifetime upgrade package, then you won’t get to enjoy any new features MiniTool releases over the years. As of December 2015, the software was in its 9th major update – so there have been some significant changes over the years.

Ultimately, Partition Wizard is the only software you’ll need to fully manage your Windows partitions, including full conversions to and from different file formats and file systems as well as the ability to recover deleted partition data. If you frequently work with partitions and are frustrated by the lack of built-in partition support in Windows, then Partition Wizard may be a worthwhile upgrade at its Professional price of $39.

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