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NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter Review

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Free (Trial) | $39.95

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On March 5, 2018
Last modified:March 20, 2018


iTunes DRM Audio Converter is a fantastic software that removes the restrictive DRM from iTunes audio and converts it into an accessible format that can be used on any device! The tool is remarkably easy to use and the conversion process takes only a few steps. With a 100% success rate from our intensive testing, we strongly recommend to try this influential product for yourself!

There may be many of us out there who are huge fans of Apple products, particularly iTunes. We just can’t live without it can we? However, we do find iTunes is quite restrictive in terms of where, when and how we can access content. For example, we must use iTunes to play our purchased apple music. What happens if we don’t have access to iTunes for whatever reason and want to freely access the music via alternate means? NoteBurner’s iTunes DRM Audio Converter is what you require! This software, developed by NoteBurner, is a combination of Apple Music Converter, Audiobook Converter and iTunes M4P Converter. In a nutshell, it quickly converts DRM-ed apple music to an accessible audio format such as MP3 or WAV. In these free DRM audio formats, you can put the music on any device and play to your hearts desire! Compatible with all latest versions of Windows (XP/7/8/8.1/10) and Mac OS X (10.9-10.13) we check out this useful and powerful tool for our review today.


The iTunes DRM Audio Converter comes filled with awesome features including:

  • Legally removes DRM from Apple Music, Audiobooks and M4P Music
  • Converts iTunes Audio Files to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC
  • Converts at 10x Faster Speed & Keep CD Output Quality
  • Retains ID Tags Information
  • Free Lifetime Upgrade
  • Language supported i.e. English, German, Japense and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Input Audio formats supported: DRM-ed Apple Music, M4P, Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), AAC, MP3, iTunes M4B, M4a music, and Audible AA, AAX
  • Output Audio formats supported: MP3, M4A, FLAC, M4B, WAV

Test Run

Let us test out the software to see if it is a viable option. Does it really remove that pesky DRM and successfully converts our Apple Music into accessible audio files? We shall soon see for ourselves!

We download the tool from NoteBurner and install it. The file size isn’t very large as it is about 68 mb.

NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter Setup Window

After completing installation, we open into the main interface for the iTunes DRM Audio Converter.

NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter main interface

We can easily review the Settings configuration by clicking the cog wheel. In the Settings box, we amend our Output Format to MP3 (instead of default AAC).

Settings section in NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter

Now…let’s convert some music files! We select the add music icon.

Start converting some music files in NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter

The Select From iTunes Library pop up appears. We select a few songs we want to convert and click OK. Yes we are aware that our music taste is rather questionable and probably a little too on the pop side. Forgive us!

Select a few Apple tracks from iTunes Library in NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter

The songs we selected are now listed. Some of our songs have more details than others. We are happy with our selection so we click Convert.

Select convert in NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter

The songs we selected are being converted. We notice that the conversion process is remarkably fast! Excellent!

Converting of Apple tracks is taking place on NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter

In no time at all, the software has successfully converted our iTunes tracks.

Conversion of Apple music is complete on NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter

Now time for the moment of truth… we need to test out the quality of the converted iTunes tracks into mp3s… We try out a song for the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack.

Test out newly converted audio from NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter

The music we listen to is exactly how we would hear it on iTunes! Wow! Perfect.

Perfect quality after converting process is complete from NoteBurner iTune DRM Audio Converter


NoteBurner are certainly instrumental at putting together as much information and assistance as possible to ensure users get the best experience when using the iTunes DRM Audio Converter first hand. For example, on the iTunes DRM Audio Converter product page, there is a detailed tutorial including images on how to setup and use the software.

NoteBurner also have a Support Center on their website with a variety of sections including Self-Service Options (i.e. FAQ, Video Tutorials), Manage Orders/Codes and Contact Us. We particularly like the video tutorials as they are easy to follow and concise in their direction. Customer Service are available to help users via email or through their Facebook page.

Final Thoughts

We found NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter a terrific piece of software that essentially performed the job it set out to do with an 100% success rate. We found it remarkably easy to carry out the conversion process and we even tested this out with some users who are novices to technology. What really resonated with us is the swift conversion process and the ability to put the computer to sleep once the conversion process is complete. We only had a few tracks to convert but if you had 1000s of songs and wanted to go to bed, then this is an excellent feature to have!

The trial version of the software only converts songs up to 3 minutes long but we do genuinely think this tool deserves its one off price tag as you will be using it for the forseeable future. It is no wonder that millions of people are huge fans of the software. Furthermore, the developers consistently provide regular updates to ensure that the software remains compatible with the latest operating systems (Windows and Mac) and iTunes software release.

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