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New IPhone 6 Leaked Photo

Apple’s new IPhone 6 has been leaked as images have now hit the internet showing the new apple device in an apple box. The device appears to be much larger than its predecessor. Apple is allegedly launching two different models of the phone. One that has approximate 4.7 inch screen and a 5.5 inch version of the device with the smaller version still being large than its 4 inch predecessor.

The design and look of the iPhone appears to have a metallic case similar to the 5s however it appears to have smoother edges and is rumoured to be thinner with in cell touch panel technology built into the screen with a 2mm thick battery.

The IPhone 6 is said to have a 10 or 13 megapixel camera which is an improvement from the iPhone 5s 8 megapixel camera and it is rumoured that there may be a 128gig version of the device.

One of the most anticipated features of the iPhone 6 is the long awaited IOS 8 which was unveiled in July this year which focused on health apps, app trials and betas as well as smart home integration which I am really excited about, along with improvements in the overall functions of the OS.

Also it is rumoured that there have been enhancements made to the security with location based security settings on your phone.

However I am hoping that apple’s iPhone 6 is not the only device that is announced on the 9th of September and I am hopeful that they also announce the release of the I Watch. However I doubt that this will be the case as I am sure apple do not want anything to take away from the limelight of the IPhone 6.

My question is, are the features of the new IPhone 6 enough to convince current IPhone 5 Users to throw away their perfectly good phones and buy the new IPhone 6. Essentially the IPhone 6 is just short of the IPad mini when it comes to the rumoured specs. It will be interesting to see what apple puts forward to the table on its launch and how they differentiate the IPhone 6 over the 5. I don’t think having a bigger screen will be enough to differentiate itself from its pred

There is certainly going to be some sort of feature that monitors the heart rate, some people are rumouring to be through ear pods whilst others believed that you will have to put your finger over the camera lense in order to have your heart rate monitored. This is what is making hopeful that the I watch will be released at the same time as apple is trying to focus more on health.ecessor however there are rumours on the glass screen being a sapphire glass screen which is supposed to be indestructible.

Other proposed Rumour is the wireless charging feature which draws power from wireless network signals which would be interesting to see how it works if it is true.

All I know is we will be keeping a close eye on what’s to come!

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