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Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2 review

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Free Personal Use/Business Price Premium License - $24.99 Standard License - $11.99

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On April 23, 2014
Last modified:April 23, 2014


Mirekusoft is dynamic tool that gives you an indepth view of what resources your programs are using as well as providing a thorough removal of unwanted software.

Main Interface of Mirekusoft Monitor 2

We have all had those moments in the past where we have deleted a program from our windows pc only to find that there are still remnants of folders and registry keys that are still present even after removing the program. Sometimes Windows add and remove programs feature is just not good enough and you need something much more powerful.

This is where Mirekusoft’s Install monitor 2 comes in!

When I was told about this program I was a bit sceptical, my thoughts were “a program that removes other programs, how is this different to windows add and remove feature?”  Upon installing the program and testing it out it was quite clear that this is a much more powerful too to that of the the standard add and removes program feature that Microsoft has and one important reason to have this kind of software in your arsenal of tools is for virus removal and malware removal.

Sometime you may think you have removed malware and viruses of your computer when they no longer are listed in windows add and remove programs list, however this may not always be the case as programs usually leave behind files and directories as well as registry keys. These make your computer much more vulnerable.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor will ensure that when you remove a program you remove it for good.

Features (V.

Features of Mirekusoft Install Monitor:


  • Startup Monitor – prevents programs from starting unnecessarily and gives you an impact on startup performance
This is exceptionally handy as sometimes programs like to make sure they start up when you turn on your computer, there is nothing worse than turning your pc on in the morning, grabbing a coffee and coming back to see that your computer is still loading.
  • Program Tree – see how what programs were installed together
This feature is probably one of the most handy and most powerful. The Program Tree allows you to see the exact impact a program has on your PC and the registry that its currently utilising. As a result, when you remove a program, it isn’t leaving behind any registry keys that may create a security risk.
Registry View
  • Program Process Viewer – an easy way to see what programs are running, what resources they are using and terminate programs.
Whilst this may look exactly the same as the task managers process viewer, one difference is the lack of the processes constantly changing order. The processes remain static and the list does not change constantly.
  • Program Scanner – gives the ability to get more information about existing programs.
The program scanner allows you to scan for programs and see exactly the destination folders they are using, what registries they are utilising and just basic overall information.
  • Ability to start programs directly
This allows for simplified navigation because instead of having to find your programs from the start menu and navigating through the programs folder, you can simply search through the list of installed programs and start the program. This feature offers a quick and efficient way to access programs without fiddling through the start menu.
  • More information about your programs i.e. how often you use them.
Much more detailed information about the software in your computer than the stock tools Microsoft offers.



The interface is smooth, clean and easy to use. It has a simple design that is easy to navigate and get to where you need to go, you really don’t need to read the instruction manual to get a feel of how the software works.


Mirekusoft Install Monitor is only compatible with Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later), Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 or later), Windows 7 and Windows 8.


The Premium edition of Mirekusoft Install Monitor is $24.99 and the Standard is $11.99. You can download the Install Monitor 1.1 for free if you only use it for personal and home use.


Mirekusoft have forums hosted on their website where users can come and post up issues or questions they may have with their application. Alternatively, you can contact Mirekusoft via email directly.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a powerful little too that can help you keep track of your programs, add security as well as peace of mind in knowing that when you remove something from your PC it is banished into oblivion! With a simple to use interface and powerful features this is definitely one program to add to your collection.


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