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MiniTool Photo Recovery

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On December 4, 2014
Last modified:December 5, 2014


MiniTool Photo Recovery provides a simple, user-friendly interface for photo and video recovery. With Photo Recovery is it easy to retrieve deleted or lost files from your camera, an external USB or an internal drive; even if you formatted it!

Ever accidentally deleted a precious photo or video from your camera? People delete scores of photo files every day in order to keep things organised, or to save space on their memory stick. But what do you do if you accidentally delete your child’s baby photos? How about a video of their first steps? Data recovery can be a complicated, stressful and expensive affair. It is often a daunting prospect for the average person, and generally people don’t even know where to begin. Enter MiniTool Photo Recovery, a delightfully convenient and simple to use photo and video recovery tool which is absolutely free here:

Upon first running MiniTool Photo Recovery you are greeted with a simplified break-down of the recovery tasks possible with the software. You are also given instructions regarding any necessary preparations that need to be made before the recovery process begins, such as plugging in your USB, camera, or memory card before running the software:


After hitting “Start”, MiniTool Photo Recovery checks for connected data drives and presents you with a simplified list. Photo Recovery gives you only basic information which you need to identify the appropriate drive, and doesn’t flood you with unnecessary details. It is a simple process to click on the appropriate selection and hit “Scan”.


On this screen you can also choose specific file types you wish to scan for, which can make the entire process a bit quicker. A handy feature here is the inclusion of file types specific to popular camera brands, such as Canon, Kodak, Nikon and Pentax. This makes it easy to identify files from your favourite camera.


Once you’ve made your selections, you hit the “Scan” button and MiniTool Photo Recovery begins scanning your specified device for lost photos and videos. While it works, it displays a handy progress bar which informs you of elapsed time and time remaining until it is finished:

Once the scan is finished, the user is presented with a list of recovered files in a tree structure similar to Windows Explorer. The software also categorises the results by file extension. Another handy feature found here is the preview gallery, which previews the picture files so you can see at a glance what has been recovered (again, similar to Windows Explorer).



There is also a handy Filter function, where you can filter specific filenames or file extensions within the scan results. You can also filter by file size:

Once you are ready to recover, you can recover your files to a location of your choice:


All in all, MiniTool Photo Recovery is a great option for end-users with little experience or knowledge of computers. You can check out MiniTool’s other great products at their website.

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