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Microsoft Office 2016


Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft is set to release the latest version of its Windows Office software on the 22nd September 2015, codenamed Office 16. This is the newest release of its Microsoft office suite and was purposely built for both the cloud and mobile platform. Pricing options are set to be differentiated depending on the platform and software versions used. The “Office Home & Student 2016” edition is expected to be marketed at a likely AU$185 and will cater towards personal home and student usage. Smaller devices such as mobiles and small tablets will have access to the suite for free, however may find they are limited in certain functions.

Office 2016 has been available on Mac OS X as of the 9th of July 2015 for users that are subscribed to Office 365. A requirement that Microsoft has moved to, as it has been pursuing subscription based models. New features toted for the Mac have included support for full retina displays, the ability for Office documents to take advantage of the new sharing features and the support for a full ribbon interface.

The Windows release has offered a number of new features such as the ability for Office Online users to be able to co-author together in real time. This is an important feature for the collaborative work space and brings in some healthy competition against the current powerhouse Google Docs. Users can also take advantage of the new search tool which is enabled across Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The feature with the most impact however is the ability to edit documents straight from the cloud whilst using a desktop. Syncing between the cloud and desktop has become an inbuilt and automatic process.

Like Office 2013 its successor has a similar layout in that its interface is based on a flat design whilst incorporating ribbon tabs. Office 2016 does however have up to three separate distinct themes that can be altered depending on how you want your suite to look. A colourful look being the default for all users.

Microsoft has been pushing its integration between cloud and desktop for quite some time now and this latest release of Office 2016 has made it easier for users to have seamless functionality between both platforms. The online collaboration tools are a great step forward, especially for students and businesses that need to have shared access to live documents. Microsoft has built a platform that successfully challenges Google docs and builds on an already effective Office suite.

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