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Managing your Windows Explorer Favourites in Windows 7

This How-To Guide explains how to add or remove folders from your Favourites in Windows Explorer.



By default, your Favourites contains the following locations: Desktop, Downloads, Recent Places (and Dropbox if you have that set up on your computer as per example below).


Navigate to the folder you want to add to Favourites (for our example, Music). You can perform the next step in 2 ways:

1. While the Folder is highlighted, right click Favourites and select the option Add current location to Favourites.





2. Drag the nominated Folder and drop it into Favourites



Regardless of the path you chose above, your chosen Folder will now appear under Favourites.



If you want to delete locations, right click on the Folder and select Remove from the drop down list.


Note: You can recover default locations only by right clicking Favourites and selecting Restore Favourite Links. 



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