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Live File Backup Review

Review of: Live File Backup
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Infonautics GMBH
Free to Trial | Single User License PC US$29.95

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On October 11, 2013
Last modified:October 12, 2013


Live File Backup is a worthwhile and easy to use backup & recovery program. Its ability to consistently backup your files as you use them is one of many of its innovative features. Recommended!

As an avid computer user, we find it imperative to back up our important files on a regular basis in case the hard drive crashes and we are left with nothing but a distant memory of them. Although backing up your computer can be done to a set schedule, what happens if you are attacked by a virus or hard drive failure while working in the midst of a massive project? You haven’t made a backup of that particular file since yesterday! Therefore, you will have to start all over again. What a nightmare! Well, not quite if you have been using Live File Backup. Live File Backup is more than a backup and recovery software; it consistently saves the files you are modifying in the background in case of such a catastrophe! It also keeps copies of several earlier versions of the same file.  Live File Backup is compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 in both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. We test out Live File Backup in Windows 7.

Features (V. 2.11)

Run the backup program automatically when Windows® starts and you do not have to think about it anymore. Your data will be backed up automatically in the background.
* Continuous backup in the background; reliable protection of your most valuable data operating automatically constantly, without you having to interrupt your work.
* Intelligent algorithms save also open files (e.g. of Word and Excel), what by similar real-time backup programs relying on the internal Windows® Change Notification does not always work properly.
* Backup by time schedule, start/stop manually, activate permanently.
* Flexibility in setting the data sources; internal and external drives, USB memory sticks, network drives (also universal naming convention paths UNC)
* Subdirectories can be included or excluded.
* Data filter in order to include or exclude certain file types.
* Data compression in order to save disk space on storage media.
* Data encryption by password to protect backed up data (ZIP 2.0, AES-128, AES-256).
* Flexibility in choosing backup location; local or external drive, USB memory stick, network drives (also universal naming convention paths UNC), network attached storage (NAS), as well as Internet or Intranet FTP server (fast internet connection provided).
* Easy restoration of saved data to the original or any other location. The backup as ZIP file format as well as the clear directory structure enable data recovery with the Windows®-Explorer only, even without the original backup software.
* Possibility to filter the backed up data in order to select it by name and date.
* Automatic “cleaning-up” feature in order to save space on storage media by defining number of backup copies and number of days the backups should be stored.
* Manual “cleaning-up” of storage media by deleting files by size and age.
* Shortest backup interval adjustable.
* Number of backup generations of same file can be defined (1-999 versions).
* Storage time of backups can be defined (1 – 999 days).
* Maximum file size of backups can be defined.
* Detailed log of backed up files.
* Monitor shows constantly current processing of live backup.
* Update-Feature for an easy updating of the program via Internet (only when requested and confirmed by user).
* Straightforward help system with the possibility to get detailed information about each function.
* Extensive manual and online help in English and German.


Live File Backup’s main interface is elementary and therefore easy to use for any level of computer user. The settings and options are located within clearly defined tabs (i.e. General, Source Directories, Recovery, Clean Up).


If you are unsure about a particular setting then you can just click on the little ‘?’ icon next to it for further information.


Continuously Backup Files

We test out one of the main features of Live File Backup which is consistently backing up files that we are working on.

First off, we head over to the Source Directories tab. Select New to add a Source Directory.


Click ‘Selection’.


Browse to the folder you want to add. In our case, we select ‘Reports 2013’.


The folder now appears in the Directory text box. Select ‘Save’ to add the Folder to the list of Source Directories.


Navigate to the Target Directory tab. For our example, we want to backup the Source Directory to our external drive. Select ‘Choose Directory’.


Choose the folder you want the files to be consistently backed up to. Done!


As we alter the files, they are backed up to the relevant external drive in zip format (as shown below).



Live File Backup is free to trial however it comes with a few conditions: The program is halted after 60 minutes, backup copies are kept for a max of 2 days and only 5 generations of backup copies are kept. If you find that Live Free Backup is exactly what you are after in terms of backup & recovery software, then to purchase a personal license costs US $29.95.


For assistance with Live File Backup, the developer’s have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a Manual (in pdf) available for perusal. If the FAQs or manual are unable to resolve your problem, then you can contact Infonautics directly via email.

Concluding Thoughts

A user friendly and highly efficient backup & recovery program that operates in real time. We particularly liked the innovative feature where files currently being modified are backed up regularly. Furthermore, once the settings are all configured then it requires very minimal ‘hands on’ management.  We recommend Live File Backup for both personal and business use.

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