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Keep toasty warm with the Sustain Sport Heated Scarf

‘Baby it is cold outside’, we normally say (or sing) when Winter befalls us. As you walk through the icy windy wind that hits you like razor blades, don’t you wish you had something that kept your neck nice and toasty? Introducing the Sustain Sport Heated Scarf! This nifty gadget is made to keep your neck region comfortably heated at a consistent temperature. Its sleek, easy to use, light weight and high quality design means it is appropriate for almost any occasion. Seeking pledges on Kickstarter, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of these elegant pieces! You’ll be the envy of your friends and family while they shudder under their massive scarfs and you looking pristine and fancy.

Woman trying on the Sustain Sport Heated Scarf

What is the story behind the Sustain Sport Heated Scarf?

Homi Creations are the masterminds behinds the Sustain Sported Heated Scarf. Their primary mission is creating items for use that are minimalist, simple and clean which integrate into a person’s lifestyle seamlessly. Homi Creations carefully researched and analysed advanced technology across several industries and incorporated fashionable elements including traditional stitching to bring to us their first rich value product of their SUSTAIN collection, the Sustain Sport Heated Scarf. If this scarf is a success, we can only wonder what else will be in the pipeline!

How does the Sustain Sport Heated Scarf work exactly?

Think the scarf involves wrapping yourself in numerous layers? Think again! You can simply don the scarf around your neck and click against the magnets inside the scarf and you are ready to go. The magnets are placed in two positions, one for when you are outside and need a snuggly fit and another when you are indoors or when the temperature isn’t as nippy.

Once the scarf is secured in place, you merely click on the heat switch and within a couple of minutes your neck will be in heated heaven! There are two constant heat settings for the scarf, 42°C (108°F) and 46°C (115°F) which are easy to switch between depending on what temperature you feel is suitable.

Sustain Sport Heated Scarf main features

The scarf is heated by a power bank which is able to give 3.5 hours of use from one charge. Although you can use your own power bank that lasts longer if you are planning on venturing out in the bitter cold all day long and you’d rather not have to recharge mid way. Alternatively, you can even recharge on the go wherever a USB port is available. Neat!

Since there is ‘Sport’ in the name its just meant for when I exercise, right?

Definitely not! The scarf is very comfortable to wear and adapts to any outfit meaning it is appropriate for your regular day to day activities as well as sporting enthusiasts, such as snow boarders and skiers.

Sustain Sport Heated Scarf is an easy to wear system and goes with any outfit

We are seriously impressed with the sophisticated yet innovative Sustain Sport Heated Scarf. Apart from using it in cold weather it would be such a good tool to have if you are suffering from a sore throat as well. How comforting! We particularly like that Homi Creations made the scarf anti-bacterial and allergen-free considering it is always near one’s mouth and nose area. At the time of posting, there are currently 20 days left for Sustain Sport Heated Scarf’s Kickstarter campaign. If you would like to know more or become a backer then check it out here.

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