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The latest and greatest way to improve your business is to virtualize, and this begins with server virtualization. Server virtualization gives small business all the advantages of having multiple physical servers without draining its resources.
Here are a few different ways server virtualization can improve the small business experience:
  • No need for multiple servers. When you’re operating with server virtualization you’re able to support multiple types of computers with a single physical server. So, if you have employees who work from home or the office with PCs or Macs, you will be able to support both. There will be no need for two separate servers and this means less you have to purchase.
  • Less overhead. Because you have less to purchase, you’re already saving money on hardware. Don’t forget the big bills that come with operating an office that’s rich with computer and tech support. Because many virtual companies are “on” all of the time, the bills add up fast and this can be a big hit for a small business or startup company that doesn’t have a ton of capital.
  • A more efficient office. You will be running a more efficient office with server virtualization because it simplifies the tech end of things. There’s one internet connection that supports everything, so you don’t need multiple connections to support email, computers, servers, etc. This alone greatly reduces the number of tech issues you’ll run into.
  • Easier disaster recovery. A lesson small business owners learn early on is sometimes less is more. If something goes wrong, you can recover quickly. You can set up a system so it backs up online and all work and documents will be readily available in cyberspace, so you and your employees can access them from anywhere in the world. With server virtualization, your business will be up and running, and continuing to make money in no time at all.
  • Extended lifecycle. Technology moves at a crazy pace, which means many small business owners are constantly looking to update to newer and better. While some of these things can be effective for business, they are also costly to implement, especially at such a rapid pace. Using server virtualization means you can focus on work and worry less about keeping up with the latest hardware technology. Be smart about how you spend your money as a small business owner.

There are a few terms you should be familiar with if you plan on virtualizing your business:
  • Operating system virtualization. More than one operating system running on a device.
  • Server virtualization. This is the running of multiple services from a single server.
  • Storage virtualization. Information and documents are stored virtually, such as with cloud storage.
  • Network virtualization. Combining more than one network and then compartmentalizing it for different functions.

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