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Introducing iKettle – The First Global Wifi Kettle

During those chilly winter months, we are all in a good need of a strong cuppa whether it be tea, coffe, hot chocolate etc. Although to actually have the boiled water available one needs to heat it up first! That can take time and it is freezing… who wants to stand shivering around in the kitchen? Well… in comes the iKettle which can be programmed to boil (or heat up) water via wifi. All you have to do is simply configure the iKettle through an application on your smart phone (iOS and Android compatible) and you’ll have your boiled water all ready to go!

The best feature about the iKettle is that can be set to wake you up from the throes of slumber with a ‘gentle’ alarm and a short message asking if you would like to ‘pop the kettle on’.


If you want a hot drink, then simply press ‘OK’ and you can freely fall back to sleep for a few more blissful moments of shuteye. When the kettle is finished boiling the water, you are then notified again that it is ready or would you rather have it keep warm for a bit to allow you time to gradually get up. Perfect! 


You can also configure the water to heat up to particular temperatures. After a coffee? Well the perfect temperature is 95 degrees celsius. What about if you want a green tea? It should actually be heated to no higher than 80 degrees celsius otherwise the tea becomes bitter and loses flavour ! Who knew?

The manufacturers, Firebox, have it priced at £100 (around US$160) and it should be available for purchase within the next 1-2 months. It could be considered a perfect Xmas gift for family or friends especially as the day’s get cooler (if you reside in the Northern Hemisphere) or an excellent reason to splurge on yourself.


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