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Installing VMware ESXi Server

In this tutorial, we explain how to install a VMware ESXi Server 5.5. To install VMware ESXi on your computer you need a compatible computer. To make sure that ESXi will work on your computer you can have a look at the VMware Compatibility Guide.

Installing VMWare

To install VMware on your server, you need to download the latest ISO image from the VMware website. Burn the ISO image on a CD or DVD and insert it into your computer CD/DVD Drive. Boot your computer with the ESXi DVD/CD.

In Figure.1 You can see the Boot options menu. Select the first item and press enter to start the installation process.



On the welcome screen, press Enter and then accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) by pressing F11.

On the Select a Disk to Install or Upgrade screen, select the disk that you want to use for installing VMware and pressEnter.



Select the keyboard layout and press Enter.



Type the Root user password twice and press Enter.



If you received any message regarding repartitioning the disk, just click the confirm button. The installation progress bar will show up.

Installing-Vmware-ESX i-Server-Progress-Bar


Press Enter on the Installation Complete window to reboot the server.



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