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How to use SwiftSearch in Windows

Notice when you search for a file in Windows Explorer it takes ages? Apparently search indexing your PC can be a huge burden on system resources. Therefore, we test out a light weight program called SwiftSearch that does not need to index Windows to perform a search.

Download SwiftSearch from Sourceforge. When the file has downloaded, run the program. You are prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer. Select ‘Yes’ to continue.


In SwiftSearch, select the ‘All Drives’ drop down list and pick a drive. In our case we select an external drive (G:\).


We want to find all files with the name of ‘Music’ in this particular drive. So we enter the term in the search box. Click ‘Search’.


The folders and files associated with the name ‘Music’ are listed. to check out a folder or file, simply double click it. For our example, we choose to check out the ‘MSMusic’ folder.


Window Explorer opens to the area where the Folder is located.


For further information on how to make best use of search terms in SwiftSearch, navigate to Help – Regular Expressions.


All in all, an easy to use and fast running application. It only took about 10 seconds to find the files we were searching for!




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