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How to use Contact Groups in Outlook 2013

Composing an email to be sent to multiple recipients can be a tedious process, particularly in corporate environments. Whether sending an email to an entire department within your company or to a group of clients externally, typing each recipient one by one is often very time consuming (even with Auto Complete), much more noticeably so after the tenth or eleventh time you’ve typed the exact same group of recipients in the ‘To’ field…

Fortunately the Contact Groups function in Outlook 2013 allows you to specify multiple Contacts from your Address Book, and group them into a single Contact. This ‘Contact Group’ (formerly known as ‘Distribution Lists’) can then be entered into the ‘To’ field as a normal Contact, upon which Outlook will send your email to all members of the Contact Group.

Creating a Contact Group is quick and easy in Outlook 2013.

1. Click on ‘People’ in the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the main screen:


2. Click on ‘New Contact Group’ in the Toolbar at the top of the screen:


3. In the new window that appears, you can specify the name of the Contact Group:


4. From the same window you can add members to the Contact Group from your Outlook Contacts, Address Book, or create a new Contact:


5. When you have finished adding members, click Save and Close to finish:


And you’re done! Now you can compose your email, and send it to your new Contact Group in the same way you would send to an individual Contact:


Once you hit Send, Outlook will send to all recipients in your Contact Group.

One final hint; the name you assign to your Contact Group will not be visible to the recipients, so you can name it to suit your organisational convenience (eg. Marty’s Team) without worrying about sounding unprofessional.

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