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How to swiftly shut down tabs in your internet browser

Sometimes when I am surfing the internet, I discover that I have opened so many tabs that it is causing my computer system to gradually run at the pace of a tortoise. Most of us are very much aware of Aesop’s Fable – The Tortoise and the Hare who compete in a race to see who is the fastest…  *spoiler* the Tortoise won. However, in our case, the outcome would most likely be that the Tortoise would end up taking months to reach the finish line! In this busy world we live in, it is preferable that our system is fast and consistent. Am I right? Well, a quick combat to this lag is to quickly close down tabs in your internet browser. This can be performed by simply shutting down the program (of course), but what about if you want to leave one or some of your browser windows open? We will now show how to do this in a few easy steps in the Google Chrome browser (this procedure can be applied to other web browser’s).

In Google Chrome, right click the first tab.


A drop down list appears. You can choose to ‘Close this Tab’, ‘Close Other Tabs’ and ‘Close Tabs to the Right’. For our example, we choose ‘Close Tabs to the Right’.


Voila! All other tabs have been closed except the left most tab. Now your system will not be as sluggish anymore.





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