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How to simply reinstall Windows 10 without the bloatware

For users who feel like their computer is becoming bogged down with all the bloatware and want to have a fresh installation of Windows 10, bloatware-free, then you have come to the right place. Bloatware is where unnecessary programs have come pre-loaded with your Windows operating system.  Typical forms of bloatware include trial applications (i.e. antivirus software), adware, utilities and useful applications (normally associated with the relevant manufacturer). You may wonder what the trouble is with bloatware… In a  nutshell, bloatware can clog up your already vital disk space, slow down your computer speed and may even expose you to attacks by hackers. What a pain!

Windows 10 guide on removing bloatware via fresh installation

Instead of having to completely reinstall Windows 10, you would think you can opt to uninstall the bloatware that you do not want from your computer… Not exactly. Not all bloatware will allow you perform this simple action! Doh! Or even a third party tool could perhaps perform the action for you but you have to chop and choose and you can’t always be sure this software is reliable. Therefore, the most straight forward option is to perform a nice clean reinstallation of Windows 10 and start anew! Let’s go!

Prerequisite: We strongly advise users to check their latest Windows backup (including personal files, photos, videos) is up to date just in case any issues occur.

From your Windows desktop, navigate to the Start menu.

Navigate to Start Menu on Windows 10

Navigate to Windows Defender Security Center.

In Windows 10 Start Menu, select Windows Defender Security Center

In the Windows Defender Security Center app, select Device Performance & Health.

In Windows Defender Security Center, select Device performance & health

Click on Additional Info under Fresh start.

In Device performance & health, select Additional info under Fresh start

On the Fresh start page, select the button Get Started.

In Windows Defender Security Center - on the Fresh start page, click the Get started option

The Fresh Start wizard begins, click Next.

Fresh start wizard in Windows 10, click Next to continue

On the following page, you are advised of what apps will be removed. Be sure to review the list carefully in case you may have to reinstall a few after the reinstallation of Windows is complete. Click Next.

Fresh start wizard in Windows 10, Your apps will be removed. Click Next.

Your clean installation of Windows 10 is ready to go! Click Start.

Fresh start wizard in Windows 10, Let's get started section. Click Start.

After the process is complete, you should be free of non-essential bloatware from your computer. Your computer should also download the relevant drivers you require. If anything is missing though, you can simply navigate to your computer manufacturer’s site and download the drivers you need directly.

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